NRM MPs: M7 Is 2016 Party Flag Bearer

NRM MPs have endorsed president Museveni to contest as flag bearer of the party in 2016.
NRM MPs have endorsed president Museveni to contest as flag bearer of the party in 2016.

196 National Resistance Movement Members of parliament have today passed a resolution to support Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni as flag bearer of the party in the 2016 general elections.

This development was revealed by government spokesman Ofwono Opondo Tuesday afternoon on social media.

The news confirms media reports which alleged that the MPs who are in kyankwanzi for a retreat agreed to endorse Museveni as flag bearer.

Earlier, former Ugandan vice president Gilbert Bukenya said the endorsement of President Museveni as a sole candidate to lead the National Resistance Movement in the 2016 presidential elections was stage-managed.

Yoweri Museveni has ruled the East African nation for 28 years, more than half of its post-colonial history. A charismatic former rebel commander, Museveni seized power in 1986.

For many Ugandans, Yoweri Museveni is the president who brought democracy to a country reeling after decades of dictatorship and went on to steer it towards strong economic growth.

For other more critical voices, however, he is the leader who, after almost three decades in power, increasingly looks like Uganda’s president for life.

Museveni sees himself as a revolutionary, a historic figure who fought in the bush and overthrew dark forces, and whose mission to transform Uganda is not finished.


9 thoughts on “NRM MPs: M7 Is 2016 Party Flag Bearer

  1. “…..and whose mission to transform Uganda is not finished”…….until he drops dead!

  2. It must be backwardness or ignorance but it’s no in order to kneel while speaking on a mounted microphone.

  3. Sycophant kneeling. Paid millions to do so. Imposing him on people is an insult to their conscious. More 5 years of backwardness, lost hope, nepotism and failed service delivery

  4. Images from Kyankwanzi are disappointing. M7 has turned himself into a cult leader feared and perhaps adored by men and women who seem brainless or less. Very sad. All they care for is their tummy. Not the country. Sad state of affairs.

  5. What is in the picture – kneeling, even when she is not lame – shows Ugandans are still backward! President M7 knows this from the bottom of his heart.

  6. When
    people blame the President for self imposition, i wonder whether he has
    the power to dictate on the thoughts of every Ugandan and thus influence
    their every decision. If that was so, Uganda would b ahead coz he has
    had good programmes that fail because of people’s negative attitudes and meaningless opposition.

    At the end of it all, it is the choice of the people and there are no cameras or soldiers watching the ballot boxes.

    Lets stop then trying to justify our losses, failures and negative mindset to the people. This goes to the so called elite class who use their positions of influence to mislead our people.

    There are Ugandans who do not mind how long M7 rules as long as they are assured stability. Besides, the development of Uganda is the responsibility of every Ugandan Citizen and not only the few in leadership.

    Let the people decide basing on their own opinion and what they value.

    Kneeling represents humbleness before those you respect. Am surprised we still have people who don’t know this. Negative mindsets!!!

  7. Museveni has cursed himself by forcing himself on the MPs for endorsement for the 2016 Candidature to president of Uganda again. Who is not tired with Museveni’s rule Look at how he is cursed to force the lady to kneel before him as a cult leader.

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