No Country For Homos; M7 Assents To Anti-gay Bill

President signs anti-homosexuality bill, at this time, State House Entebbe
President signs anti-homosexuality bill at  State House Entebbe

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has lived to his promise to sign the Anti-homosexuality bill into law.

The president put pen to paper on Monday afternoon at State House, Entebbe,  37 kilometres southwest of the Uganda capital, Kampala at an event that was witnessed by the media and telecast live on national TV.

The bill first tabled in Parliament in 2009, was passed on December 20 last year amidst controversy over its necessity and the fact that it was passed without quorum.

The bill originally proposed the death penalty for a category of offences called “aggravated homosexuality,” defined to include repeated sex among consenting adults as well as sex acts involving minors or a partner infected with HIV. But this clause was removed amidst international pressure.

The law sets life imprisonment as the maximum penalty and imposes a 14-year jail term for first-time homosexual offenders.

31 thoughts on “No Country For Homos; M7 Assents To Anti-gay Bill

  1. Well done chief of the armed forces Yoweri Kaguta M7, well done the 9th Parliament and well done the speaker of parliament-this is a landmark in our legislation. Very proud of you H.E M7, you will always be remembered for liberating our country not only from dictors but even devours of morals (The West).

  2. Good heavens may you live longer than your forefathers Mr. President we are behind you 100%. Ugandans thank you for being united on this OYEEE, Uganda “For God and my country” At least our cultural values, morals and tradition will not stand a threat from the western influence. Love you all.

  3. Did I one time hear someone say that the bill was passed without quorum and blamed the speaker of parliament

  4. Yeeeeessssssssssssssssss May the God of Israel bless you abundantly for listening and doing his word. Long Live Sevo. Pheewks

    1. God of Israel? Hahaha do you even hear yourself. Seriously how much have you people been brain washed? No wonder whites colonised us so easily. This bill is nothing but a smoke screen to our real problems. Gays never hurt anyone.

  5. Well done M7. Each part of the body was created for genuine purpose and man was created for woman. This is the best job you have done in your 28 yrs. We are behind you. Our African culture is very strong and we should keep up with it.

  6. Immediately after the signing we were blessed with heavy rain in Kla…Glory be to God…Homos try Gambia or Nigeria may be…!!!Yours John Sage -UK Citizen

    1. True that even in Jinja we have been blessed with rain this afternoon that is a sign of victory.

        1. Who created the weather systems?is there a factory or industry for weather systems?……or you are a rain maker yourself who can create some for the sahara desert!

  7. Are u guys aware that the promoters of homosexuality were expecting to conquer the world just by the mere fact that if Uganda had alluded to their barbaric practice? Thank God for Joel Museveni Kaguta…

  8. Anyone who knows the case of the famous playwright Oscar Wilde? During that period, sodomy was sternly prohibited by homophobic law. It was an egregious crime, a felony that deserved no English name. It was referred to in Latin: ‘peccatum illud horribile, inter Christianos non nominandum’ – ‘that horrible crime not to be named among Christians.’ The Criminal Law Amendment Act in 1885,
    §11 was clear:

    ‘Any male person who, in public or private, commits, or is a party to the commission of, or procures or attempts to procure the commission by any male person of, any act of gross indecency with another male person, shall be guilty of a misdemeanour, and being convicted thereof shall be liable at the discretion of the court to be imprisoned for any term not exceeding two years…’

    In 1969, the then Canadian Prime Minister proposed decriminalization of homosexuality: ‘the state had no room in the bedrooms of the nation.’ He was met by stiff resistance from the MPs who saw homosexuality as a mental disorder:

    ‘Homosexuality is a psychological aberration. If homosexuality were practised on a widespread scale society would break down. If it were universally practised, the human race would in a matter of time become extinct. If one does not believe in
    social order and progress, then of course one would welcome the destruction or even the suicide of society…We should suggest the building of hospitals where the
    government would provide the services of specialists who could take care of
    such people’.

    In 1967, however, England abolished the homophobic law. Many developed countries don’t accept homosexuality but tolerate it. So, what happened? What is it that goes in the minds of these lawmakers? Let us wholly embrace our new law but give it century.

  9. You are just dreaming, what the president did was right, this is the best for us and the future generation. And for this he has afforded himself the right as life president,Keep us posted whatever happens in the future.

  10. It’s not a ‘right’ or a ‘vice’ it just ‘is’. Just the same as heterosexuality is not a right (or even a vice!). It goes right along with having two eyes, two ears and a nose – You don’t choose to be born that way, you just are. Lucky you are connected to the internet – You might like to do some research and learn what the main scientific bodies in just about every country in the world say on this matter – There seems to be a very curious school of thought in Uganda – Ugandan scientists apparently, have access to information that the rest of the world left behind decades ago.

  11. A big part of the problem that many westerners have with polygamy is that its very often older men marrying very young girls against their will, at least that is how it is among the Mormons and cases seen in some other countries. If it was all consenting adults willingly engaging in polygamous marriage it would be a different matter for most people but young girls cannot consent and are forced into such marriages with old men to benefit their birth families.

    This is really a case of parents prostituting their daughters by selling them into sex slavery, they may call it a polygamous marriage but how can it be a true marriage when a young girl and old man have nothing in common? A marriage is supposed to be two, or more, people willingly joining themselves together but what young girl really wants to be the servant and sex toy of some old man?

    Forced marriages are not true marriages, they’re business deals and nothing more. Since the only way to get a young girl to marry an old man with many other wives is for her parents to force her it is not a true marriage but her parents selling her into sex slavery and servitude.

    it would be much different if a grown woman made the choice willingly to marry a man with other wives but that’s not the way it happens among the polygamous in the west. if polygamy is to be legal why shouldn’t a woman be able to have several husbands too? Women are fully the equal of men so why not?

    1. that’s only half true.. there are no “young girls being forced into marriages” anywhere in the us.

  12. This is really something right to react upon ! Uganda needs total morality and this can be achieve if such laws are put in place.For the first time thanks M7

  13. King James Bible
    If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

  14. So, heterosexuals are immune to all diseases of mankind? There are no heterosexuals with bacteria, tuberculosis, gonorrhea or leprosy? Then why are there so many dead and dying heterosexuals? Why are there so many heterosexual doctors in various practices of medicine? Why do heterosexuals die if they are so pure?

  15. Paul said “I was the chief of sinners, but God had mercy on me because He knew I was ignorant.”

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