Mafabi: Wafula Oguttu Has My Full Support As New LOP

Rt. Hon. Speaker; Colleagues Members of Parliament, Happy New Year Colleagues First and foremost, let me take the earliest opportunity to congratulate my successor Honorable Wafula Oguttu on his opportunity as new Leader of Opposition.

Nandala Mafabi, MP Budadiri West and outgoing Leader of Opposition in parliament.
Nandala Mafabi, MP Budadiri West and outgoing Leader of Opposition in parliament.

His appointment cements a culture that we so dearly cherish in Forum for Democratic (FDC) and desire for our country. The culture of leaders to serve and go, we recently elected a new party president.

It is a mark of a good leader to serve and go. A good leader must not succumb to cheerleaders and schemers who always call upon him or her to stay on.

I want to assure you Rt. Hon. Speaker and Members that the incoming new Leader of Opposition is a distinguished gentleman, elder and statesman. I want to assure Honorable Wafula Oguttu of my total support. Please call on me whenever need arises.

Leading the opposition in Parliament is a very challenging job that requires dedication, courage and full alertness Tony Blair in the Evening Post recently said, “I really sympathize with Milbrand- the current LOP of UK.

He said he was in that position for 3 years and knows how hard the job is”. There is pressure to act in a dignified manner, yet our opponents can act undignifiably, very provocative and almost in a mob justice style.

I am grateful to the Almighty God who gave me good health, wisdom and ability to lead the Opposition in Parliament for the last two and half years.

Special thanks go to the Speaker of Parliament and the Deputy Speaker, Prime Minister, Parliamentary Commission, all Members of Parliament and staff of Parliament.

In the special way, I am highly indebted to the FDC party and the FDC Party President emeritus Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye for having entrusted me with such responsibility to serve my country.

It was indeed a great honour for me from the slopes of Mt. Elgon.

As a leader I had to make sometimes hard and critical decisions; to which I take responsibility. I have fought for what I believe in. I have tried, to the best of my ability, to discharge those duties and meet those responsibilities that were entrusted to me.

I have spoken to you in this Parliament as a Leader of Opposition, Chair of both the Public Accounts Committee and the National Economy Committee in which so many decisions were made that have shaped the future of this nation.

In all the decisions I have made, I have always tried to do what was best for the nation. During my tenure of office, there have been various achievements in which we can all be proud of, achievements that represent the shared efforts of the members of opposition and the entire public. But the challenges ahead are equally enormous.

I am grateful to the people of Budadri West, who called on me while I was working with World Bank to quit the juicy job to come back and I am happy to be still serving them since 2001.

They have nurtured me as their child from the ‘Mountain Of The sun’, I am grateful to the people of Bugisu for the opportunity. My initial desire was being a civil servant; I am now stuck here in politics.

This journey started way back in the 7th Parliament as a young legislator, Parliament overwhelmingly elected me the Chairperson National Economy, in 8th Parliament I was appointed Chairman PAC and in the 9th Parliament I have served as the Leader of Opposition and Happy to handover to the new Leader of Opposition.

In a special way, I thank Team Nandala who propelled me to Uganda and the whole world when I contested for Presidency of FDC in 2012. Am heavily indebted to them, and equally thank the people of Uganda who have supported me all along. I assure all Ugandans, am around and I will be coming to your respective areas soon to see you and thank you in person.

Today the new Leader of Opposition is inheriting an office that has taken off as a fully established and constituted institution by law for the progress and success in checking government excesses.

As usual and as a democratic leader we must show the lead as other parties follow. So let us all now join together in affirming our common commitment in helping the poor lady and gentleman in the villages of Kyanamukaka Masaka district, Nshwere in Nyabushozi district, Katerampungu in Kanungu district, Lobule in Koboko district, in Lulyambuzi parish Kamuli distrct and Karita in Amudat to live a better life.

I pledge to you that as long as I have a breath of life in my body I shall continue to fight against injustice, dictatorship and advocate for equality for all.

I shall continue to work for the great causes to which I have been dedicated throughout my years as a leader of Bugisu Cooperative Union, FDC member and a Member of Parliament.

There is one cause above all to which I have been devoted and to which I shall always be devoted for; to see that there is equitability in Uganda. The mission is not lost. The struggle continues. God bless you all.

For God and My country Nathan Nandala- Mafabi, MP

Outgoing LEADER OF OPPOSITION 18th Feb, 2014

4 thoughts on “Mafabi: Wafula Oguttu Has My Full Support As New LOP

  1. When these guys in power ponder such moves like the Nandala case they just harden

  2. Good Mafabi. You believe in change. You are not the only man with a vision to lead the opposition.

  3. As the son from the mountain of the sun hands over to the son of the land of jiggers, FDC moves from a recovery room in the hospital theater to its death bed, while NRM is modeling a very nice coffin for its death in less than two and a half years and the rest of the country gets ready for its burial and eventual funeral rights. Bye bye

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