Lokodo in Court Over Shs468M Loan

Father Simon Lokodo who Brought the Minis Skirt Bill
Father Simon Lokodo 

Simon Lokodo, the Ethics and Integrity Minister is in trouble for his alleged failure to service a loan of over Shs468 million. Lokodo has been summoned by the Commercial court to file his defense in a suit filed by R.L Jain, a money lender. The Court summons dated February 21st give the minister ten days to file his defense or else judgment is passed against him in his absentia.

Lokodo allegedly borrowed the monies in different installments between 2011 and 2012 but has defaulted on servicing the loan despite several reminders. The court records show that the minister took the soft loans for 17 times and the loans he was taking; ranged from Shs2m to Shs5.5m. In a 3rd December 2012 letter, the money lender reminded the minister of his obligation to pay up the debt which had at the time accumulated to Shs 135m.

“We really feel sorry to note your poor response which was never expected from a good and a religious person like you when we were forced to send you a legal notice dated July 27 2012 after which you immediately came to us requesting us to stop the legal action, which we agreed because of your assurances to pay the loan very quickly,” reads one of the leader.

The case file has been allocated to Justice Billy Kainamura. Father Lokodo joined politics in June 2006 as the legislator for Dodoth County MP in Kaabong District. Prior to joining politics, Father Lokodo was the Kaabong Parish priest under the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kotido.

He was later appointed State Minister for Industry and Technology before being given a docket of Ethics and Integrity in a 2011 cabinet reshuffle after the incumbent minister Nsaba Buturo was dropped.

2 thoughts on “Lokodo in Court Over Shs468M Loan

  1. Fr does no portray the name of the good Ministry he heads.He should lead by example.Instead of servicing the loan he is too busy with mini-skirts business which doesn’t harm him at all.Laws are very tricky we do face them in one way or the other no matter who we are.

  2. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, this is very beautiful! Father, you mean you can also do something wrong? So, a mini skirt or not paying loans, which one is grave? All have run short of the glory of God, and therefore, there is no good in us. Let the one who has never committed a sin be the first a stone. Father, do not show the whole world that you also can only be human. Good luck bwana Father!

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