Komuntale Hubby Hooks Nigerian Babe

Christopher Thomas, former husband to Tooro Kingdom Princess Ruth Komuntale has hooked a yet to be identified babe who hails from Nigeria.

Christopher Thomas with new lover
Christopher Thomas with new lover

Christopher revealed the Nigerian babe when he posted the pictures on his official Facebook page. In the pictures, they all seemed to be into each other.

The picture tells it all...they are in love
The picture tells it all…they are in love

According to a reliable source, Christopher admitted that he is much happier and having lots fun without the Tooro Princess.

Chris and the new Nigerian lover
Chris and the new Nigerian lover

The Source further revealed that that the couple has been dating since January and that most of the posted pictures were taken on Valentine’s Day.

She is the replacement for Tooro Kingdom princess Ruth Komuntale
She is the replacement for Tooro Kingdom princess Ruth Komuntale

12 thoughts on “Komuntale Hubby Hooks Nigerian Babe

  1. Komuntale,just do not look back,let that thug of a man go.God will bless you with a better man.You are beautiful and the right time will come your way for the right husband.

  2. He better watch his steps; should he just slide himself everywhere especially in West African countries, one of those days he will end up in a source pan; to be fore told is to be fore warned.

  3. A Casanova thug of Christopher, yu will finish them all but be reminded that Nigerians r no joke, yu will live to regret.
    Frank Balikoowa in Gabs, BW

  4. Naye kino kyo kibibi, kali ka dem kali kakisinga okunyirira unless its the goodies that are more tasty………….

  5. Luke 16:18 “Everyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and he who marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery.

  6. African Princess had been living in blind royal paradise – even dispised traditional wisdom on how to shop for a man and turns down local potential Jjunjus. Now the sly American beast sweeps her off her feet, feasts of her to his fill, defecates on her, and then walks off unbothered.

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