Katatumba Set To Raid Shumuk After Securing Fresh Court Order

Just a day after being evicted by Mukesh Shukla on Wednesday morning, another court order has been issued to restore businessman, Boney Katatumba, as the rightful owner of Blacklines House.

Katatumba thanking God upon receiving the court order
Katatumba thanking God upon receiving the court order

According to Katatumba’s son Rugiirwa Katatumba, Katatumba is set to retake Mukesh Shukla’s Blacklines House.

“Our lawyers secured an ORDER from the PRINCIPAL JUDGE Dr. Bamwine reinstating Boney Katatumba’s possession into the building. So we are clearing with police today and getting back in,” said Rugiirwa on social media.

Rugiirwa further alleged that Mukesh Shukla bribed the police and the judges in order to get a fake court order that was used to evict them from their house.

“The Shumuks (Indians) bribed and came with another order by a deputy Registrar Irene Akankwasa and also bribed police and came in.”

The Court Order that was issued yesterday by Dr Bamwiine
The Court Order that was issued yesterday by Dr Bamwiine

The source of the fracas between the two renowned businessmen started in 2008 when Katatumba entered into a deal to lease his property; Black Lines House on Colville Street to Mukesh, a transaction that later went sour.

Katatumba had agreed to lease Katatumba suites located in the heart of the city for 99 years to Mukesh at cost of $5 million.  He also gave Mukesh a list of creditors that he was supposed to pay with effect.

Katatumba Suits
Katatumba Suites

However, after some time, Mukesh approached Katatumba asking to withdraw the deal due to the economic meltdown that had hit the world saying he couldn’t manage to pay up as was expected.

3 thoughts on “Katatumba Set To Raid Shumuk After Securing Fresh Court Order

  1. There must something fishy going on in the courts of law, why contradicting directives, now I do hope that since the principle judge has given his ruling there will be no turn around. To Mukesh kindly note that the fortune you have got in Uganda is because of your friend Mzee Katatumba who brought you to Uganda, it just inhuman to stab him at the back like that please take care of the hospitality of the Ugandans and perhaps negotiate with your long time friend.

  2. That’s the humiliations we Africans get from economic refugees from India. We all pray we get another Idi Amin; I Indians are not necessary in our struggle to survive, they are part of the problem, and a big one for that matter. They have destroyed the entire East Africa with their corruption, it’s time they are sent back, the railway building is finished.

  3. I find this hard to believe, first and foremost,who can be able to bribe a judge? These are the people i thought that no matter what you can not put any price on them, i was wrong! Considering the Chief justice accepting the re-appointment well knowing that he is over the age,i think the judicially needs prayers! Secondly,why would a man of integrity as a judge accept even to listen to anything to compromise on this person?Lastly, in Uganda foreigners are in heaven especially those so called investors,Where in India would you find a Ugandan contesting for a building in Bombay?Not that am inciting violence or being xenophobic but Uganda is for Ugandans as India is for Indians, we should be respected in our country even if a foreigner has gone into business with a Ugandan.Dear judges, your not politicians but learned friends,fight temptations that way will fight corruption together. Its really sad!!!!!!!!

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