Karamagi Charged with Common Nuisance, Granted Bail

Kampala Lawyer and renowned activist Andrew Karamagi is granted bail after being charged with being a Common nuisance.

Andrew Karamagi
Andrew Karamagi

Karamagi was arrested after interrupting a keynote address by Attorney General Peter Nyombi during the celebrations to initiate lawyers into the New Law Year on Friday. The celebrations were taking place at the high court in Kampala.

An employee of Human Rights and Peace Centre at Makerere University, Karamagi bypassed the attentive group of advocates, approached the pedestal, grabbed the Nyombi’s Speech and tore it apart. He reportedly said Nyombi was not fit to speak before the ‘learned friends’.

Karamagi was subsequently arrested by police and has been detained at Central Police station since.

Initially, Police Spokesperson, Patrick Oyango said police was holding him on grounds of criminal trespass with intention to harm. However, he was arraigned in court this morning and charged for being a common nuisance, a charge which attracts a 1 year prison sentence.

The Uganda Penal code states that ‘any person who does an act not authorized by law or omits to discharge a legal duty and thereby causes any common injury, or danger or annoyance, or obstructs or causes inconvenience to the public in the exercise of common rights, commits the misdemeanor termed a common nuisance and is liable to imprisonment for one year.’

He was granted a UGX 1 million cash bail. Western Youth Mp Gerald Karuhanga and Godber Tumushabe stood sureties for Karamagi.
He returns to court on 6th March, 2014

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  1. How disgusting! This Karamagi actually looks like a juvenile delinquent who should be in Kampiringisa, not a lawyer as such. How disgusting, if, God forbid, the dude were to be on the roll of advocates. Discipline and self-respect should be paramount for a lawyer worth his or her salt. Next he will be at Kisekka market throwing stones, with you know who. Neither compartible nor condusive with the noble profession.

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