Kadaga Confirms She Survived Parcel Bomb

Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga
Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga

Ugandan Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has confirmed media reports that a parcel bomb was delivered to her office saying “all leaders in the country could be targets.”

On Monday, a local newspaper broke a story indicating that Herman Kabogoza, an attendant in the office of the speaker sustained injuries after a letter bomb addressed to his boss exploded in his face two weeks ago.

Kaboggoza who was rushed to Mulago hospital after the incident is said to have picked the parcel from Kadaga’s mail box at the general post office in Kampala. The letter however exploded as soon as he opened it, initial media reports indicated.

Today Kadaga confirmed the investigations and revealed that all leaders in the country are possible targets of such attacks. she however remains reserved on who could be targeting her and other leaders.



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  1. Oh Ugandan mafias, why attempt to finish the life of an innocent woman only doing the job to the best of her ability.

  2. Our lady don’t give up, you have to be the first woman president in Uganda, we are with you all the way. They have sensed danger, because if you happen to stand for presidency then they are all gone.

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