Health Workers Abandon Work Over Witchcraft

Medical workers at Imvepi health center III in Odupi sub county of Arua district have abandoned work citing witchcraft.

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Medical workers (File Photo)

The medical workers laid down their tools two weeks ago accusing community members of practicing witchcraft, which targets them and their families.

It came after the medical workers petitioned the district health department to address the matter in vain. In their petition to the Modest Arima, the Odupi sub county LC III chairperson that residents sprinkle blood on their doors, which they claim puts their lives and those of their families in danger.

The medical workers claim that they organized meetings to find out the people behind the practice and their motive but none of the residents turned up.

They argue that because of the failure by residents to come up and show concern over the practice, they strongly believe they are behind the evil practice.

The LC III chairperson when he received the petition he tried to investigate what was happening but some of the residents told him they had resorted to witchcraft to force out the medical workers because of their bad behavior.

Arima says he is disappointed with the practice of the residents because the constitution permits any Ugandan to work in any part of the country without discrimination.

He appeals to the community to change their negative attitude towards the health workers saying if they don’t leave the practice they would be the losers.

A team of officials from Arua district led by the LC 5 chairperson Wadri Sam Nyakua rushed to Odupi Sub County and convened a meeting between the community and the health workers on Thursday but it didn’t bear results.

The health workers insisted that they cannot work under such environment. Arua district health officer Dr. Patrick Anguzu has called for more time to speak to the health workers on individual basis because all of them may not share the same view.

Wilfred Saka, the chairperson Arua social services committee says the conduct of both the community and the health workers is unacceptable because it endanger the lives of people’s lives.

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