Gen. Biraaro Attacks NRM MPs For Endorsing M7

Retired Major General Benon Biraaro
Retired Major General Benon Biraaro

Retired Ugandan Major General, Benon Biraaro has scoffed at NRM members of Parliament for endorsing President Museveni as the party flag bearer for the presidency in 2016.

At their party caucus retreat in Kynkwanzi this week, legislators supported a resolution tabled by Northern Youth MP Evelyn Anite proposing President Museveni as the sole candidate and discouraging other party officials from challenging him. By end of day on Thursday, the resolution had received at least 215 signatures including that of Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, the man many suspected to have ambitions to run for the top office.

But Biraaro, who was retired from the army in 2008 and was officially discharged last year, describes the move by the MPs as being greedy for power and having lost sense of focus for the country’s development.

Biraaro, a member of Museveni’s bush war rebels, has already announced his interest to contest for the presidency in the next polls. He has already formed his party, Peace and National Unity (PNU).

Addressing the press at his home in Rumuri village Nyamisindo parish Masha Sub County in Isingiro district, Biraaro said there is no magic that Museveni will do in five years what he has failed to do in the last 30 years.

Biraaro who is on grass-root mobilization for support ahead of registering his party claims that the NRM MPs were subjected to intimidation from NRM party top leadership to endorse Museveni as their party flag bearer.

General Biraaro describes the move as deadly adding that it could plunge the country into a leadership crisis.

Biraaro says his one-month tour of a number of districts in the country show the high levels of poverty people are living in yet the NRM Government has been in power for almost 30 years and has not made any change.

Biraaro says he is already overwhelmed with requests from members of the community in dire need of support.

Biraaro says he fell out with Museveni in 2007 because of his open independent-mindedness on the way Ugandans are being made to suffer in abject poverty.


Born in 1958, Biraaro served in the army at different senior ranks before retiring in 2008 to joing active politics.

Gen. Biraaro, was a very senior officer and a former close confidante of Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Aronda Nyakairima.

As early as 1984, in the bush war days; he was Secretary to High Command and National Resistance Council. A graduate of political science at Makerere University, he joined the then National Resistance Army rebels in 1982.

After the take over of power in 1986, he served in different capacities including Deputy Chief of Staff, and Commandant Senior Staff College Kimaka, among others.

9 thoughts on “Gen. Biraaro Attacks NRM MPs For Endorsing M7

  1. I am glad some senior officers are realing the problem with their boss!
    Yesterday was Muntu, Besigye, Ssejjusa, today Biraalo wait for another one tomorrow!
    On the political wing we saw Bidandi and others,today it is Bukenya and may be tomorrow Mbabazi will follow!!
    OH! GOD BLESS UGANDA, every one who taste leadershid in Uganda does not want to leave peacefully,Obote,Amin,Lule,,Binaisa,Muwanga,Obote and now Museveni!

    1. Wadada, Biraaro is an NRM man with a mission to weaken other generals contending for power (FDC Muntu and Besigye) in Western Uganda

  2. museveni is laying the foundation for a violent change of leadership in uganda.because good candidates are being silenced.People will be left with one alternative.

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