Fox Odoi To M7: Trash Anti-gay Bill

West Budama North Member of Parliament, Fox Odoi
West Budama North Member of Parliament, Fox Odoi

West Budama North Member of Parliament, Fox Odoi has written to President Yoweri Museveni urging him to reject the antigay bill currently before him saying it has been proven to be against the constitution and other international laws.

The anti-homosexuality bill which had been before parliament for the last four years was passed on December 20th last year.

In the February 13th letter, MP Odoi tells the president that he and a Civil Liberties Organisation-Chapter Four, commissioned an independent law firm to assess the legality and constitutionality of the bill which he says confirms earlier fears that the bill is indeed unconstitutional.

The law firm, which declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter, in its legal opinion says that section two of the bill violates fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution like equality and freedom from discrimination, and the right to privacy of a person, home and property.

They argue that by regulating the behaviour of gay and lesbian Ugandans while not regulating similar behaviour by heterosexual Ugandans, the bill discriminates against the former and violates Article 21 of the constitution.

The law firm goes on to argue that section 13 of the bill violates the freedom of expression, conscience and association. It says that by prohibiting persons from promoting or sponsoring homosexuality, the bill criminalises free speech which violates Article 29 of the constitution.

They further submit that having been passed without quorum, the bill violates Article 88(1) of the constitution and Section 23(1) of the parliamentary rules of procedure which state that the quorum of parliament shall be one third of the members eligible to vote.

The firm further notes that the bill violates Uganda’s obligations under the international law saying that the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights-ICCPR, to which Uganda is a signatory, prohibits states from violating the privacy interests of citizens.

The firm concluded that as a consequence of being unconstitutional, the president is obliged to reject the bill since Article 99 (3) of the constitution states that it shall be the duty of the president to uphold and safeguard the constitution.

Odoi, who sought the law firm’s services, is a member of the Legal and parliamentary affairs committee which reviewed the bill. He and Kibanda County MP Sam Otada presented a minority report opposing the bill.

The ruling NRM party caucus Members will be discussing the bill today at their ongoing retreat at the National Leadership Institute, Kyankwanzi.

13 thoughts on “Fox Odoi To M7: Trash Anti-gay Bill

  1. I swear Fox Odoi your are dead politically especially in the constituency you represent, what remains is that concerned citizens are going to translate your letter in the local Jophadola distribute in the constituency, you are aware of what your cultural norms and beliefs say about homosexuality. Much as you may want to gain favor elsewhere your fate in 2016 elections is really at stake. I wish you good luck with your endovors

    1. How can concerned citizens not support their own constitution? besides which the very nature of democracies require minorities to be protected from the majority. If that doesn’t happen its no democracy but mob rule.

  2. Fox Odoi, why do you hide the name of the law firm if you are right? Homosexuality is unnatural. All homos should go to hell.

  3. May the God who loves the world and its people help Odoi to know that it is a curse to support homosexuality and assist him to withdraw his unfortunate letter to President Museveni.

  4. Fox Odoi is just another useful tool of the international powers that be, who are feverishly pushing the homosexual agenda throughout the world.

    Acceptance of homosexuality is not only tied to financial aid for third world countries, it is also a prerequisite for rapidly ascending the political ladder. He who wishes to quickly advance their political career had better side with Sodom and Gomorrah. Do not be surprised then, if Fox Odoi is nominated for some global award for defending perversity.

    Uganda is one of the African countries that are being targeted by the international sodomite collective and their powerful backers in the EU/UN, USAID, and international finance. The plan is to change our cultural and religious norms to accommodate sodomy and all forms of perversity, all in the name of human rights. This is to be archieved by carefully identifying young and ambitious men, especially lawyers, sympathetic to the sodomite cause or liberal in their moral outlook, and grooming them to take over political leadership positions. It is through such morally corrupt leadership that they hope to effect change in African society. It is a truly diabolic plan whose origin can be nowhere else but the deepest abysses of hell.

    Fox Odoi will probably be appointed UN ambassador for diversity which is nothing but a catchall for homosexuality, pedophilia, pederasty, ephebophilia, gerontophilia, necrophilia, sadism, masochism and bestiality.

    But is it really worth to displease God in order to please men? This accursed and opportunistic Jopadhola probably thinks so.

    1. mahe go with the setting sun instead of ashaming the ancestors. Which teacher taught this man and who paid his tuition. They are now crying if they are reading this,

  5. This country should amend the law on treason to include support for sodomy such that ‘traitors’ like Fox Odio are put in their place. What human rights is he talking about, my foot. Even a dog knows anal sex is unnatural!!!

    1. Its hardly treason to support the constitution of Uganda, if anything ignoring the constitution of Uganda, the highest law of Uganda to which all other laws must adhere is treasonous.

      Homosexuals don’t all have anal sex and many homosexuals never have sex with someone of the same sex at all. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation not a sexual act, no one can change their sexual orientation whether heterosexual or homosexual though a heterosexual can have sex with someone of the same sex and a homosexual can have sex with someone of the opposite sex since sex acts are behaviours, not attractions which iss what sexual orientation is, which sex someone is attracted to.

      Besides which many heterosexual couples have anal sex as well, its not only a homosexual thing. Besides which neither anal sex nor homosexuality is in anyway unnatural. The exact same range of sexual orientations and sexual behaviours that are found in humans have also bee found in over 100 different species, its very likely far more but this sort of research takes time. Anti-homosexual bigotry though isn’t natural but something learned.

      In pre-colonial times homosexuality was accepted by the mainstream society, it was the British colonizers who made homosexuality illegal and USA evangelists who helped draft this anti-gay bill. I assume you’ve heard of the Ugandan martyrs? Why would the Bugandan king even want to have sex with other men let alone kill them for refusing (recent converts to Christianity) if homosexuality wasn’t accepted in traditional Ugandan culture? There’s actually more evidence for ancestral acceptance of homosexual behaviour in pre-collonial Buganda than in many African countries because the Bugandan kingdom was more prosperous and its culture better.

  6. Hon Fox Odio we are very disappionted with you as our area MP. the wise men of west Budama north have now proved you and that statment is a treason in its kind. Hon Fox Odio do you go to church. the culture of the people of west Budama is very clear, we shall wait for come 2016

    1. Recall him from parliament. He is now a proven representative of another constituency. An MP is supposed to say what electorate tell him. Japadhola stand up and show you are not homos.

    1. Defending the constitution of Uganda is every politicians duty especially the president’s. The constitution is the highest law in any country, ignoring it makes for a very unstable country that business and investors avoid.

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