FARDC Overrun ADF HQs In Eastern DRC

DRC Soldiers have overrun ADF camps in the eastern part of the counry.
DRC Soldiers have overrun ADF camps in the eastern part of the counry.

The Democratic Republic of Congo’s army has overrun headquarters of the Allied Democratic Front in the east of the country, Uganda president Yoweri Museveni has revealed.

President Museveni made this revelation on Monday afternoon after receiving information from DRC president Joseph Kabila on the sidelines of the NRM Parliamentary Caucus retreat at the National Leadership Insititute Kyankwanzi, that his country’s forces have overrun the ADF Headquarters in Eastern Congo.

“The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo have for sometime engaged the ADF. Please inform Ugandans that President Joseph Kabila has called this morning informing me that his country’s forces has overrun the ADF Headquarters.”- President Museveni said Monday afternoon.

The ADF, a Muslims fundamentalist group led by Jamil Mukulu, first attacked Kasese on 13 November 1996, before later spreading to the entire Rwenzori region where they committed various atrocities including the burning of about Uganda Technical College Kicwamba students in their sleep.

In 2001, the UPDF announced that it had defeated the ADF and that the remnants had fled to the DRC, where they have set up hideouts in various places.


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  1. Mr. President that is how we can build United States of Africa, we African Governments should never give room for saboteur rebel groups who serve interest of the West. We Africans can solve our own problems like you have just shown the example. Congratulation Your Excellency.

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