DP Criticizes Muntu For Replacing Nandala

A top Democratic Party (DP) official has criticized FDC party president Major General Mugisha Muntu, for dropping Nandala Mafabi as Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

Last week, Muntu, who has been party president since November 2012, made changes dropping Mafabi as Leader of Opposition and replacing him with Wafula Oguttu.

Also replaced was Kasese Woman MP whose position of Opposition Chief Whip was given to Cecilia Ogwal.

But Yusuf Mutembuli, the DP Vice Chairman for Eastern Region, calls Muntu’s action as a mess which will seriously cost not only the FDC party but the general opposition in the country.

Mutembuli argues that once the FDC party which has majority members in parliament gets disorganized as is the case now, other opposition parties will suffer.

Mutembuli says although he recognizes Bukhooli MP Wafula Oguttu as a performer in politics, his style of management is too gentle to handle his new position as the Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

Mutembuli, who is a known Mbale based lawyer, also contested in the last parliamentary elections in Bunyole West in Butaleja but lost to NRM’s Emmanuel Dombo.

He says Muntu’s action left other opposition parties with a question of whether he is an NRM mole planted in FDC to disorganize the opposition parties ahead of the 2016 general election.

He told a media conference in Mbale this afternoon that the sacking of Mafabi has discouraged other parties from joining the planned inter-party coalition.

He says despite Mafabi’s other weaknesses, he was a more competent person for the position of Leader of Opposition in parliament compared to his successor Wafula Oguttu.

Mutembuli says other opposition members found it easy to work with Mafabi and he would consult a lot with other opposition members before taking a decision on matters of national interest something he doubts Oguttu would do.

He says the recent changes by Muntu have further dented chances of the opposition to take over power in 2016.

4 thoughts on “DP Criticizes Muntu For Replacing Nandala

  1. Oh Yusuf my brother, dont stress your self with this game called politics, it it worse when the political climate you are talking about is FDC, just stick to DP, it has a more organised approach

  2. The issue of Muntu replacing Nandala shouldnt be understood negatively.
    The opposition is yawning for change of leadership but it worries us
    alot when the same people complain for change of leadership with in
    parties. If you can cry over internal party leadership change, what would
    happen for the top position in the country???
    I wish all people could behave like Nandala has done so far. He’s not made any negative comment over the said issue but told people “there is need for others to lead as well”. Believe me or not Nandala is one of the best ;leaders Uganda has
    but that does not mean you should lure him to be greedy for power.

    Let the opposition do as they preach; lead by example, prove change of leadership is possible but remain coherent.

    If Muntu is a mole of NRM-O as stressed by one Mutembuli, then what about you who is doing enough to divide people???

    Being a leader is not what you look like or what you have. What you air out has alot to do with your character. I beg you guys to keep quite if you cant talk sense. Dont simply talk because you want people to know you exist.. Be leaders!!!!

    God bless


  3. Oska you’ve said it all. Thx

    I really wonder where DP gets the moral authority to blame FDC for internal leadership yet they cant even handle their own.

  4. May be DP is following a saying that “Do as I say but dont do as I do”.. But any way we are still short of Nationalists. Most people are politicking for their individual interests but thanks to Nandala who has not behaved like most politicians do. When they lose their positions in a party then they make their. Implying Greed for power not need to model leadership.
    GBU all.

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