Dorotia, Chameleone Biff Over Tattoos

A week ago singer Jose Chameleone got tattooed with the names of four of his five kids and his wife Daniella Atim.

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The self proclaimed music doctor got five tattoos at ago; four on the arm and one on the neck.

Word reaching us from Arusha Tanzania, has it that the ex girlfriend Dorotia aka Onsea Griet the mother of the singer’s first born, Ayla Mayanja was bitter over the exclusion of her daughter’s name  on Chameleone’s body.

Dorotia has been grumbling to sources that the absence of Ayla’s is equivalent to her daughter being disowned.

Dorotia is currently residing in Tanzania running a family hotel in Arusha called Onsea international hotel which she manages with her elder sister a judge on the panel of prosecutors of the ICC Rwanda genocide.

2 thoughts on “Dorotia, Chameleone Biff Over Tattoos

  1. Some one wants to control what Tattoo should be on another’s body, is this not craziness!!! Some times one wonders why SOME ladies never agree that gone is gone, period!! Pick you legs and move to another village Onsea!!

  2. That is naivety of the highest order on the part of the ‘Doctor’. The children may be his for ever ‘ceteris peribus’, but the wife may not necessarily be. The cost and pain of one day having to remove her name from his neck will one day, God forbid,be so traumatic that he will regret his original foolishness. If he has to marry again as i have seen it happen to other blokes, no woman will accept that taoo to be there. Some things are permanent in one’s life but a wife or a husband is not one of them.

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