Bubonic Plague Outbreak Confirmed in Arua, Zombo Districts

The Uganda Virus Research Institute confirms an outbreak of the Bubonic plague in the parts of Arua and Zombo districts in West Nile.

Bubonic Plague is an infection of the lymphatic system usually resulting from a bite from an infected flea. The fleas are often found on rodents such as rats and mice. The disease is transmitted by direct contact with infected tissue or exposure to the cough of another human.

Sam Ajoga, The Zombo district acting health officer says at least 11 cases have been confirmed in the district.

He says Zombo district being in a belt where the disease occurs on an annual basis, residents need to take precautionary measures by tidying their surroundings since the spread of the disease is attributed to lack of cleanness especially around the homestead and keeping food where humans sleep.

Meanwhile in Arua district the disease has been confirmed in the sub counties of Vurra and Logiri. Dr. Patrick Anguzu, the district health officer for Arua says they that although no deaths have been recorded, several cases of infections have been registered.

He attributes the resurgence of the disease to poor sanitation in the affected areas adding that people in the plague prone areas need to be cautious on sanitation issues.

Isaac Olega, the secretary for Vurra sub county village health team members says following the confirmation, they are launching a home to home operation in which authorities are reviewing sanitary facilities in each homestead. The intent is to eliminate further spread.

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