80 Year Old Returns To School

Loyce Atim
Loyce Atim

80 year old grandmother in Soroti has gone to school to study in Primary one.

Loyce Atim, a resident of Opiro village, Opuyo parish in Soroti district is currently a pupil in Moruapesur Primary school, Eastern division, Soroti Municipality. Atim said that, she opted to go to school so that she can learn how to read and write.

The mother of three with seven grand children walks about two kilometers everyday to her school.

She says she is motivated by her zeal to read the bible as a devoted Christian, a passion she cannot accomplish if she doesn’t learn how to read and write.

7 thoughts on “80 Year Old Returns To School

  1. This woman should be 20 years into her retirement. The ministry responsible for community development should help such people rather than they having to sit in UPE p.1 classes.

    1. But she is saying she wants to school such she can read and write.Are u going to read and write on her behalf?

  2. The gov´t need to do something in adult literacy education. These are areas where the president through the Minsitry of education need to address if to improve on the lives of the people. local churces and community Halls can be used as schools for adult education. There is so much that the Gov#t can do to improve on the lives of people but they just lag back in corruption and preaching about money making without thinking that one need education/knowldge to understand how to make money and how to manage money. Instead of recuriting more police and more army to tear gas or to fight crimes, take people to school to reduce on crimes. Uganda is one of the country that the president dose not have his people at frist hand side. we never see or hear the president saying lives of Ugandans. all we hear is people,voters. Who are the people? His relatives and friends???. we need the president that stands ahead to defend his country and the people and not one who stand to defend his wealth and those who votes him.

  3. Granny will be 97 years by the time she completes her three year course degree good luck

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