Traitors Will Face The Consequences, Kagame Warns

Rwandan President Paul Kagame.
Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has warned that those who betray the country will face “consequences”.

He was speaking less than two weeks after the body of former intelligence chief Patrick Karegeya was found, apparently murdered, in South Africa.

Mr Karegeya had fallen out with the Rwandan leadership and set up an opposition party.

His allies said he had been killed by government agents – a charge denied by the high commissioner to South Africa.

Without mentioning any names, Mr Kagame told a national prayer breakfast meeting: “You cannot betray Rwanda and get away with it. There are consequences for betraying your country.”

“I cannot be apologetic about that if you know the grenades that have been thrown on our streets killing Rwandan children,” he said.

Mr Karegeya had been convicted in absentia of threatening state security and promoting ethnic divisions, in connection with a series of grenade attacks in the capital, Kigali.

“Anyone who betrays our cause or wishes our people ill will fall victim. What remains to be seen is how you fall victim,” Mr Kagame said.

South African police say Mr Karegeya, 53, might have been strangled. A rope and bloodied towel were found in the safe of the hotel room where his body was discovered, they said.


2 thoughts on “Traitors Will Face The Consequences, Kagame Warns

  1. After the reported ominous warning from Kagame and the timing thereof, do you still have any doubt about who is ultimately responsible for the murder of exiled dissident Kalegeya in S. Africa?

  2. Atamukutte yagamba, nti kwatira ddala onyweeze. Is this the case of casting the first stone? When you point one finger, two fingers are pointing back at you!!!

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