M7 Launches New High-Tech Bridge

The bridge which will be the longest in East Africa.
The bridge which will be the longest in East Africa.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has launched the 525-metre long and 80-metre high High-tech bridge construction across River Nile. The project is worth US $132m.

The objective of the New Nile Bridge construction project launched on Tuesday is to enhance the certainty of communication on the northern corridor link for Uganda and our land locked neighbours.

The ever increasing volumes if trade between Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, the DRC, Southern Sudan and Burundi and the attendant growing traffic volumes and excessive overloading has increased the attrition of Nalubaale Dam and bridge structures necessitating the construction of another bridge.

The bridge which will be the longest in East Africa is the first of its scale and complexity in Africa and will bear an iconic presence at Uganda’s Jinja gateway. It will have sensors and stress detectors to determine its own repairs timing, enabling its maintenance in a decent state if repair at all times.

5 thoughts on “M7 Launches New High-Tech Bridge

  1. It is very unfortunate to see that presidentM7 is too idle to do the work of the minister of works and transport! Really!! Somebody should tell me if this guy has no other important things to attend to..

  2. Museveni has always done everything for himself as if he has no ministers a clear sign that he is everything a Cabinet,a Judiciary and Parliament This is why he goes to launch the latrine project in Ruhija Sub County in Kabale jumping the Health officer of that district and the LC5 Kabale Museveni is just unfortunate President President who has lost sight of his Political leadership role in Uganda

  3. Don’t know when Ugandans will learn how to appreciate anything in their country. They complain about the good and the bad, This is a good job done mr president , this will make our country beautiful. God bless uganda my land!

    1. What should we appreciate?, that the presidents Job is to cash out Money ahead of elections, stopping the bail law and launching bridges, are you ok in the head? When will he sit down in his Office and see how his ministries are working or how many Projects have benefited us?

  4. The japanese are meeting 80% of the cost so it would make sense if the japanese ambasador to uganda launched the bridge.

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