Kadaga Blasts West Over Anti-gay Law

Parliament Speaker Rebeca Kadaga
Parliament Speaker Rebeca Kadaga

Ugandan Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has lashed out at foreign countries that are reportedly harassing Ugandan diplomats over the recently passed anti-homosexuality bill.

Kadaga, who presided over the Parliamentary session during the passing of the controversial bill on December 20th, tells such countries to back off saying Uganda is a sovereign country and makes its own decisions.

Kadaga made the comments during her address to the Ugandan ambassadors who were appearing before Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee. The speaker noted that she had been briefed that some of the ambassadors were being harassed over the recently passed bill, describing the act as bullying.

She wondered why these countries are picking on Uganda citing an example of US President Barrack Obama who tried to talk about homosexuality while in Senegal, but was stopped by that country’s President Mackay Sall.

Kadaga went ahead to attack Richard Branson, British businessman and investor who called for Uganda to be blacklisted by donors over the anti-gay law. Kadaga says Branson has invested heavily in Nigeria where the same law was passed but foreign countries still associate with it.

She added that there are Americans in Saudi Arabia where homosexuality is not allowed but that Americans still live there.

She told the ambassadors not to accept any kind of bullying from countries they are deployed telling them to stand firm and defend the culture and decision of Uganda’s Parliament on homosexuality.

Kadaga also warned on the move by gay rights activists to promote the acts among students in schools by giving them money.

President Museveni is yet to assent to the bill. He recently said he needed time to study the law before taking a decision.

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, who tried in vain to block the passing of the bill, has also said the law will be discussed in the ruling NRM party caucus.

9 thoughts on “Kadaga Blasts West Over Anti-gay Law

  1. I commend Ms Kadaga for the way she handles these things . She is a principled lady who says the same things during the day or under the night .She now repeats some of the things she said while in Canada: treat Uganda with respect and stop preaching .
    Even if one supports homosexuality , it is hard to ignore the hypocricy that comes from the West.
    I am sooooooooood happy to see that there is at least one politician in Uganda who can throw back the ball in their court . Let the americans explain why the refer to Saud Arabia as their ally when it is well known that homosexuality is punished by death in that country .
    President Museveni should prove that bravery is not only defined by the capacity to hold a gun . He must stand up and challenge the west on this one .He is the one who usually reminds his audience that Africa is no longer a colonized place.

    1. One wise man ounce side i rather cry in a lemozine than smile on a
      byscle…wat we r seeing here iz a war btn de so called religion
      sect….which initialy waz even ploting 2 add a death close in de law…
      n order 2 prosecute de gay….which God on earth would allow
      that….plus most of our learderz r just hypocrits – hidding n religion.
      the homosexuality bill iz wrong….we cant compare our selvez 2
      naigeria….becouse its progress has been low despite de ample blessingz
      from oil. Ugandanz should understand dat az most of de social economic
      transformation requrez money…we dont have it, and most of de biggest
      investorz conglomorates comming 2 ug 2 invest have it, unfortunate bit
      iz dat if their markets at home dont beleive de bill iz fair theyl pull
      out the fundz….& we will remain a poor collection of people, wid
      alot of slumz, pati theavary, muderz, prostitution, kimansulo etc coz
      all those r a manifestation of the underling poverty in de community.
      Plus we will continue 2 loose out n many otherz like medical tourism etc.
      alone will not transform our society…..take alook at Dubai. Despite
      the fact dat thingz lyk gay & prostitution were burned 4 them 2
      progress theyve turned a blind eye on them…..there no miracle n that
      its hard work, sound policiez etc not feeling.

  2. Wwaapi! Which bravity does he have? It is opportunism only. You calculate where America has an interest and then jump on the band wagon and you claim to be brave? The same thing with his cronies, they first see what M7 likes and also claim they are on that side. All have no back whatsoever, just opportunism. But Bravo Madam Alitwala

    1. Iron lady she is indeed. I am impressed that she is prepared to take on the west on the question of double standards. It looks very obvious that Uganda is selected out and bullied because they ( the West) detect that Museveni has become weak ,vulnarable and manipulatable.
      Mbabazi claims that this is a sensitive foreign policy matter.Are we so inferior that we show sensitivity to those who are insensitve to our own soverignity?
      I would tell him that it is rather an issue of whether Uganda is the only country in the World which sells its soul to the highest bidder. Luckily, we now have one Kadaga who is unwilling to prostitute a whole nation

  3. I like it, the way the Speaker has had to reference is, a hit on the nail’s head.
    double standard by the west and it’s cohorts like m7, mbabazi et al is what constitutes modern terrorism. Those are the real terrorists and the threat to humanity.

  4. I am with you on this one madam speaker, and by the way you have my vote come 2016, actually even in the western countries their are people who are with you in this fight but cant come out openly, the obamas, david Cameroon et al all know that going against the law of nature is wrong but just because they are held at ransom by their public offices they come out and support the vice for their own interests.


    Hon.Kadaga seems to me she be a true Africa leader who has no issues to settle with the west as is Mr. Museveni or Mbabazi. Some times on this matter of homosexuality Mr.Museveni has exhibited a courageous stance as he did while in Iran a years ago, and yet on other occasion he has floundered which tells me he either lacks the conviction necessary to uphold the aspirations of Ugandans.
    If Mr.Museveni is convinced that the creator in his wisdom created a male and female and marriage of man and woman as institutional basis for human family, he should not lack the language to affirm that which is true to humanity and which can be attested to by even lower animals.

    Really, for people who have been born with a sexual disorientation should never be discriminated against nor marginalised in anyway just as we uphold the rights of the handicapped so should the genuine gay persons. I am 40 year old, I have never heard of gay people in Uganda and this does not mean that there may have been no such people. If they have been there, they have not been discriminated against. I am aware that the Ugandan penal code has
    a provision to punish homosexuality, and this may mean that this disorientation
    was known in Uganda or the penal code was an import from the United Kingdom. This means that their orientation has been a private matter. Really sexual matters should be private. It is not until recently that western hegemonic tendencies has brought about the awareness of what has not been and hence the current debate.

    Hon. Kadaga and indeed the Ugandan Parliament have said in the bill the will of Ugandans. Off course Hon. Mbabazi and Mr. Museveni are Ugandans although I doubt about their accountability to Ugandans. There are few African leaders who can be said to be accountable to their citizens. It seems to me that Mbabazi doe and Mr. Museveni do not really care about what the wishes of Ugandans: they care about the wishes of those who keep them in power. Investors and the geo-political policy determiners are more determinative of our presidency than the Ugandan electorates.

    Has any one ever heard an Investor such as “Mr Branson”, or Mr. Obama faulting Ugandans government for not respecting civil and political rights of Ugandans, or the right health care? But how ironic that these ‘considerate investors’ are out to promote the gay rights!! Are these people aware that majority of Ugandans live in abject poverty and yet Uganda governments can
    afford to purchase armed tanks, fighter jets to fight the imperialist’s wars!!

    Off course I know Mr. Museveni has weathered many pressures from the so called donors and investors. But before he can bow down to their pressures, he should ask himself where is he going to spend the rest of his life, also, he should ask himself if he will be able to protect every sing gay person that these western liars want to expose to the public.

    Remember, if you have nothing to stand for you fall for any thing and your life is not worthy any thing. I encourage every Ugandan Christian to look at any gay person in the light of Jesus Christ and his Gospel remembering that to be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in all of us. This does not mean that government has not to legislate laws that punish all wrongs. Forgiveness is an option for Government but is the only way for Christian faith. Ultimately, those who reject the Gospel of Jesus cannot apply themselves to its imperative and will be meet the wrath of God long after governments have built a kingdom whose future is doomed to destruction.

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