Kabale Health Centers Hit By Vaccine Stockout

The immunizations program in Kabale district has suffered a huge setback following the stock out of the BCG vaccine in health centers there.


BCG vaccine is used to prevent childhood forms of Tuberculosis such as TB meningitis. It is usually administered to newly born babies alongside other vaccines during the routine immunization exercise.

However, information obtained by URN shows that the BCG vaccine stock out in Kabale has been on since October last year.

As a result, many newly born babies at government health centers in Kabale district are going without receiving the BCG vaccine. Margaret Karungi delivered a bouncing baby boy at Kabale regional referral hospital on 15th December last year.

However, Karungi claims that she was discharged and asked to return to the facility later for immunization.She says the same applied to all other children at the facility during the same month.

Alex Kiconco, a resident of Kabale municipality says his wife gave birth at Kabale referral hospital on 2nd December 2013 but their daughter was never immunized.

According to Kiconco, he was told the health workers to return the baby for immunization once the vaccine is delivered. Juliet Karambuzi delivered at Kamukira health centre in Southern Division.

She claims medical workers there told her that they would post announcements on local radio station calling mothers to bring their children for immunization once the BCG vaccine is delivered.Julius Barusya, the Kabale district health committee chairperson says the stockout of the BCG vaccine is posing a huge challenge.

Barusya says they received emergency supplies from the National Medical Stores but they are insufficient. He says the district is liaising with health centers in the district to ensure that all children who missed immunization are attended too once the vaccine is available.

Dr. Placid Mihayo, the medical superintendent Kabale regional referral Hospital has confirmed the stock out. Mihayo says that they received some supplies on the 23rd of December 2013 but they are inadequate given that people from other facilities are rushing their babies there for immunization.

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