DRC: Kabila Calls For Vigilance In Wake Of Fresh Attacks

DR Congo President Joseph Kabila
DR Congo President Joseph Kabila

The president of the Democratic Republic of Congo Joseph Kabila has called for Vigilance among Congolese Nationals and security agencies saying that armed men may attempt to attack innocent Congolese as celebrations to usher in the New Year continue.

Kabila says recent attacks on the cities of Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Kolwezi and Kindu by gunmen on Monday were coordinated and only aimed at disorganizing the existing peace in these cities.

On Monday gunmen Royal to Gideon Mukungubila, a self proclaimed prophet who contested for presidency way back in 2006 attacked Major government installations in the Congolese Capital Kinshasa.

The attack claimed the life of Colonel in the ranks of the Congolese government army and scores of soldiers although the government has declined to reveal the exact number of soldiers who were killed in the attack.

Similar attacks were carried out in Lubumbashi and Kolwezo among other Cities on the 30th of December 2013.

President Kabila however urges members of the public to help the Congolese government by providing vital information and ensuring that peace prevails.

He says Congolese government forces managed to kill over 100 gunmen on Monday and that the situation in all the attacked cities is under control.

Kabila expressed optimism that since the Congolese government forces managed to dislodge the M23 rebels from their bases in North Kivu, even other insurgents will be dealt with.

The government spokesperson Lambert Mende however reveals that the attackers had another goal apart from sowing panic and terror on the eve of the celebrations to usher into a new year and asked the locals to continue with their businesses saying that security measures have been stepped up in the city.

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