Asma Uwase Reveals Sex Secrets

Fashion and modeling is one of the most influential forms of expression in our contemporary culture.

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We unveil one of Uganda’s hottest models named Asma Uwase.

Who is Asma Uwase?

Asma Uwase was born on September 02 1991 in Kigali Rwanda.

She spent most of her childhood in Kigali Rwanda before she migrated to Uganda some years back.

“I came to Uganda to visit friends and family. Since i have a family here and i had just finished school, i decided to stay a little longer as my career was getting bigger as well”

Uwase’s Education

I attended Lycceè de La Combière primary school, my secondary school at kigali international academy and did my university at Kigali Institute of Science and Technology where I graduated with a degree in Information Technology.

Life at school was a bit tough because it was a competition I had to do all my best to bring home high grades so I had to work hard in school and it was interesting though.

Modeling Career

I love fashion, so me being a model it was my passion and it was my dream.

I started my modeling career when I was young at school but I never took it seriously.

I took it serious in 2010 that is when I had come to Uganda.

Currently am not under any modeling agency and I hope to start one soon.

Social life

Yes I do have a lot of fun when I hang out with friends.

I like drinking Wine and Whisky.

Being free and friendly, I came to know  many people who have been influential and helpful in my life.

I usually hang out with friends in places like Guvnor, Venom, Silk and other popular night spots.

Sexual Life

When it comes to matters of the heart things just fall in place.

Yes i receive calls from many guys who stalk me but I don’t give them the air.

I have a boy friend that I love so much and we are committed to each other.

My boyfriend is a breath taker loving and understanding.

The message I have for him is that i love him beyond borders and for now I would prefer not to mention his name.

Links with Meddie Ssentongo

Most of these city dudes that you have been linking me to are just my friends.

For Meddie, he’s just a friend who wishes me well and looks out for me.

What I can tell you for now is that we are close friends.

Future Plans

My future plans are to become an international model because I dream big and I hope to open up my clothing line and a modeling agency in a few years to come.

I also need to work hard since the industry is competitive.

As an entrepreneur, of course I love making money so one of my best moments as a model was when four agencies were competing for me to make an Advertisement and I ended up with the agency that tripped my payment.

My simple words to my fans; they should hold their guns and their dreams focused

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  1. “I love making money” that explains her closeness to money Ssentongo I am sorry for your so called committed boyfriend because I am 300% sure you will dump him is someone rich offered you Muyonyo resort ,a house ,bota and love 🙂 Watch this space

    1. Shes Rwandese not Ugandan so why say Ugandan model?n she needs to loose a lot of kgs if she dreams of making it beyond EAF

  2. Love is sure blind. This girls is not even average. In my days and that is the 70s few people and miopics would look at her twice.

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