Traders Storm Streets to Cash In On Xmas Sales

FilesSome Vendors from Lira main market have taken to the streets to vend merchandise to cash in on the festive season. The group is mainly comprised of vendors who missed space at Coronation Park, where the vendors were temporarily relocated to pave way for the construction of a modern market.

In October, Lira municipality carried out a joint operation with police to kick the vendors off the streets. However, the vendors have taken advantage of the festive season to vend merchandise on the streets.

The vendors are mostly operating along Obote Avenue, Oyam road and areas around the Bus Park along Kyoga road in Lira town. Some of the merchandise on the streets includes clothes, shoes, fresh foods and utensils.

Nelson Opio, a vendor of home use items says they chose to resume their operations on the streets to cash in on the festive season sales.  Opio says after the festive season, he will resume hawking his commodities since he cannot afford to pay rent.

Opio however says unlike last year when he made more money business is slow this time around.

Gloria Ajok, a matooke vendor near the main butcher along Oyam road says she has registered big sales because of increased prices.  A bunch   of matooke is going between Ugx 8,000-15,000/= and chicken goes between 10,000/= and 25,000/=.

Emmanuel Oyuku, Lira municipality deputy town clerk maintains that it is illegal for the vendors to operate on the streets. He argues that the decision by the vendors to abandon the gazetted spaces affects revenue collection.

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