Terror Attack In Egypt Kills 14 Police Officers, 100 Injured

MorsiAt least 14 police officers are confirmed dead and more than 100 injured after terrorists bombed a police headquarters north of Cairo Egypt.

The explosion hit the Egyptian city of Mansoura, destroying the police building.

Intelligence sources report the bomb as a car bomb.

The explosion ripped the front of the building destroying the the building and the surrounding structures.

The blast, which the reports said was caused by a car bombing, destroyed part of the headquarters and damaged some surrounding structures.

Terrorism has become a global challenge as more militant groups take up the strategy to push their agenda.

The evolving strategy of terrorism has become a very complex security challenge.

Billions of dollars are being spent across the world in counter-terrorism.

Egypt is faced by a unending political struggle since the toppling of Hosni Mubarak who led the country to economic and political stability for decades.

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