Rules Committee Investigates UMEME Bribery Allegations

The rules, privileges and discipline committee of parliament have started investigating claims that some legislators pocketed bribes to quash the UMEME report. 

Commissioner of Police and detective CID Parliament Paul Kato before Rules Committee
Commissioner of Police and detective CID Parliament Paul Kato before Rules Committee

It follows a directive issued by the speaker Rebecca Kadaga to the committee to investigate the claims following reports in the media, which quoted some legislators accusing their colleagues of pocketing a bribe of 5 million shillings each from UMEME to quash the report, which recommends the terminations of its concession.

On Wednesday afternoon, the committee received information from Paul Kato, the officer in charge of investigations at parliament who was instructed to get recordings from the CCTV camera at Protea hotel from November 26th to 6th December.

The recording is expected to help the committee to establish, which MPs went to the hotel to receive bribes as reported.

However, while appearing before the committee Kato informed that members that he was notified by Stewart Cook, the hotel managing director that the CCTV system broke down in September and is still under repair. Kato said he secured the number of the technician who was reportedly working on the CCTV but to date he has failed to get to him.

MP Fox Odoi, the Chairperson of the Committee gave fresh instructions to Kato to open up a general inquiry file and investigate extraction of evidence and conspiracy to defeat the cause of justice.

He told him to also follow up whether Protea Hotel reported to police that it had no CCTV camera in line with instructions of Police that all hotels keep functional CCTV cameras as part of the security protocol required of any public facility.

Odoi also noted that the Committee will meet various MPs in camera considering the sensitivity of the matter. He said the committee will brief the media every after sitting in case there is any information the committee wants to give the public.

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