Prof. Jean Barya Warns Against Manipulating Constitution

Professor John Jean Barya
Professor John Jean Barya

Uganda is facing a constitutional dilemma due to individual interests of leaders gaining over the masses, John Jean Barya, an associate professor at Makerere law school has warned.

He notes that Uganda is facing challenges such as a huge public administration on Parliament and various presidential advisors and districts.

The Prof. was speaking at the first national conference on the constitution under the theme, “taking stock of 18 years of the 1995 Constitution, where are we?

Prof Barya says Uganda is a situation where so many people have interest in the status quo and doesn’t expect Parliament to amend the constitution to reduce the numerous constituencies.

The Professor argues that Parliament must recognize that any manipulation of the Judiciary and the appointment of partisan and incompetent people to the bench is not helpful. He explains that at the end of the day the majority of the disputes that the Judiciary has to deal with have nothing to do with political power.

He emphasizes the need to build ideological based political parties with constituencies, which have a stake in building and advancing those parties.

Prof. Barya states that what is weakening constitutional rule is the use of parallel powers  by the president  and other institutions of government in disregard to the constitution.

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