Prince Emmah Has Been Battering Me – Baby Mama

City comedian, Emmanuel Otim well known as Prince Emmah has separated with the mother of his baby identified as Eve Atukunda who is accusing him of domestic violence.

Prince Emmah's Mama baby Eve Atukunda
Prince Emmah’s Mama baby Eve Atukunda

According to our snoops, Prince Emmah has been staying with his baby mama for over four months and is alleged to have been abusing and harassing the mother of his baby.

“On several occasions, he denied me the chance of visiting my relatives and he has been beating me up whenever I try to visit them,” said Eve when contacted for a comment.

The situation got out of hand when Emmah disappeared into thin air with the baby.

Shattered dreams: Prince Emmah, Eve and there little baby in their happy times
Shattered dreams: Prince Emmah, Eve and their little baby in their happy times

“When he learnt that I was leaving, he grabbed the baby and went away. He also switched off his phones,” sorrowfully Eve added

Eve decided to call the police who responded by summoning the comedian and ordered him to surrender the baby.

In a statement that was seen by our snoops, Emmah said that his estranged girlfriend connived with her relatives to rob him the chance of being with her daughter.

Eve however maintained that Emmah is free to see his daughter anytime.

Prince Emma enjoying the baby's company
Prince Emma enjoying the baby’s company

Upon securing the custody of the baby, Eve decided to leave Prince Emmah’s home that is located in Kireka.

3 thoughts on “Prince Emmah Has Been Battering Me – Baby Mama

  1. Give me a break!! When you were getting engaged to the Prince, did you tell all and sundry?? I personally hate such crap!! So what, you get battered, CALL IT QUITS INSTEAD OF SPLASHING YOUR STORY SEEKING SYMPATHY!!! many ladies have fallen victim of such marriages and want every one to know after their WOULD BE DEAL HAS GONE SOUR!! Eat your Pie now!!! Duuuu!!!

  2. I think Mr. Wante is a wife batterer,why so much anger for the lady,so what the prince does is Ok.Did the lady go to the press or the press looked for gossip from a celebrity,give us a BREAK TOO plus all the other men who mistreat their wives and hope to get away with it. TWAKOWA……

  3. I feel sorry reading Wante´s comments.I see why most women die of depression and anger. If people keep shuting women down as Wante did, how can they stand up?how can they pick that little bit inside them.

    we need to look at her story in two faces, and more in positive, some still do not belive that women battering in Uganda is not a big issue,considering that all is writen in the consitution but how is it implemented???

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