Prime Minister Steps Down Over Donor Cash

Rwot Achana (L) speaks to officials at a previous meeting recently. PHOTO BY CISSY MAKUMBI.
Rwot Achana (L) speaks to officials at a previous meeting recently. PHOTO BY CISSY MAKUMBI.

Kenneth Oketa, the Prime Minister of Acholi chiefdom has resigned over allegations of misappropriating shillings 230 million.

The money was given to Acholi chiefdom by Democratic Governance Facility as support for development activities and community rehabilitation.

The resignation of Oketa comes days after Democratic Governance Facility; a consortium of International donors gave the chiefdom a 30 days ultimatum to account or refund the money.

David Onen Acana, the Acholi paramount chief announced the resignation of Oketa over the weekend. According to Onen, Oketa notified him that he was quitting. Officials of Acholi chiefdom have been under pressure from Acholi leaders over allegations of corruption.

Onen says he was misled to open various accounts, which are used to facilitate embezzlement. Norbert Mao, the Democratic Party president says the scandal on the misuse of funds is only a tip of what is happening in the chiefdom.

He advises the paramount chief to suspend all implicated officials. Mao says suspending the implicated officials will pave way for their investigations and recovery of the missing money. He has also asked the chiefdom to move away from donor dependence and find local revenue sources.

Attempts by our reporter to talk to Kenneth Oketa were futile as his phone was switched off. Early this year, Oketa was fired due to corruption allegations but was reinstated later.

6 thoughts on “Prime Minister Steps Down Over Donor Cash

  1. The entire chiefdom including the Rwot himself should step down!. Ridiculous excuses that he was misled!. Big Shame to the chiefdom!!.

  2. First person I know in Uganda who has accepted blame and resigned, I hope that will serve as an example to everyone of us.

  3. His resingition does not answered the querry. Money went missing within 12 months and is not accounted for.They should all come out clean.We are tired of excuses .

  4. You do not resinged when there is a problem unless you are part of the problem and fear justice.

  5. Don’t resign instead refund the money reveal how it was swindled and the people involved in order to find lasting solution in stealing donors money.

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