Parliament Okays Anti-Homosexuality Bill

The Ugandan Parliament has passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 just a day after passing another controversial piece of legislation, the Anti-Pornography Bill 2011. The bill proposes life imprisonment for offenders.

Chris Mubiru has been netted by police on sodomy allegations
Chris Mubiru has been netted by police on sodomy allegations. Monitor Photo.

The bill was first tabled by Ndorwa West MP David Bahati in 2009 and it has since become a centre of controversy with human rights activists calling it unnecessary and the donor community threatening to halt their aid to Uganda if parliament passed the bill.

Just yesterday, the MPs passed the Anti-pornography Bill, 2011, a piece of legislation that seeks among others to ban wearing of miniskirts and further clarify the offence of pornography in Uganda’s laws.


October 14 2009, MP David Bahati tabled before Uganda’s parliament the now controversial Anti-homosexuality bill.

MP David Bahati
MP David Bahati

Even though the act is already illegal in the country, Bahati insisted there was need to further strengthen the law to ensure protection of the institution of the family in the country that still embraces conservatism.

The bill drew criticism from the international community especially the west with some powers threatening to cut aid to Uganda if it went ahead to pass the bill into law.

It was not surprising considering that majority of people in the west have now embraced the act of homosexuality.

Critics of the bill were concerned about the provision that calls for the death penalty and life imprisonment for ‘aggravated homosexuality’ thus the phrase ‘kill the gays’ bill.

It was this pressure that forced parliament to shelve the bill.

The clause which included the death penalty for some offences has been dropped.

However, it was resurrected in 2012 with the Speaker of Parliament promising to ensure it’s passed to serve as a Christmas gift for Ugandans. This did not happen as debate on the bill was deferred.

However, the bill has now been passed further criminalizing the act. What waits to be seen is how he west will react to Parliament’s move.

6 thoughts on “Parliament Okays Anti-Homosexuality Bill

  1. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation people are born with and cannot change, they cannot turn anyone else homosexual. Why would anyone choose to be a kuchu with the hatred and violence directed at them by so many uneducated about sexual orientation? It makes about as much sense as sentencing someone to life in prison for the length of their nose or the size of their feet. God made kuchus the way they are, they cannot change the way God made them. It was the British imperial rulers of Uganda who first made homosexuality illegal, it wasn’t illegal before the British came and imposed their laws and way of life on Ugandans. The British have gone but Ugandans kept their foreign laws.

    Its very sad to see how Ugandans have also been manipulated by hateful deceivers from the USA who came to Uganda to spread their lies pretending to be Christian but ignoring the Jesus’s teachings. They wanted the sort of hateful, un-Christian laws against kuchus they can’t get in the USA. Ugandans are turning on other Ugandans because of the hatred and the lies spread by American deceivers. Ugandan kuchus are being viciously attacked and some beaten to death by other Ugandans because of the way God made them. How will anyone who goes against the teachings of Jesus will be welcomed into His house?

    As Christians and supposed followers of Jesus Christ why do so few Ugandans actually follow the teachings of Jesus? Its right there in your bibles for you to see for yourself, Jesus teaches love for all His people, nowhere in the bible does Jesus say anything bad about kuchus, Jesus had much to say about love but nothing at all to say about imprisoning, beating, or killing kuchus. He was the son of God, if he had wanted kuchus attacked and imprisoned do you not think He would have said so? He had nothing to say about them at all, they are the way God made them.

    The only people in the bible who speak against kuchus are not saying what Jesus said but what they thought back when they didn’t understand sexual orientations. Those writings weren’t even originally in the bible which originally was just the teachings of Jesus, pure Christianity. Those writings were only added to the bible about 600 years after Jesus returned home and are not the teachings of Jesus Christ but of man. Its one thing to feel uncomfortable with kuchus but a whole other thing to ignore Jesus’s teachings of love for all people, even our own enemies. Its wrong to ignore Jesus’s teachings by passing such laws unjustly throwing kuchus into prison for life simply for being the way God made them. I pity those who take the word of man over the teachings of Jesus.

    This bill is the result of deceivers and haters and has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus. Its sinful to think our personal feelings about kuchus are the same as Jesus’s. Jesus taught us to love all people, this law ignores what He taught us.

    1. Dear Rich, who deceived you that God created some pple Gay, God never created anyone a thief, Gay, liar, Alcoholic! Of so why did he destroy SODOM and Gommorah? What is wrong with staying with a colonial law if it’s good, we stayed with their education system, roads and building also, if there is any good we need it from them. All gays pple have accepted an evil Habit, let them change and be normal otherwise we will not live with them in our Society! They are dangerous species that must be kept away from society.

  2. Homosexuality is about who one falls in love with ; rather than specific sex acts. The passing of such laws does irreparable damage to the economy & reputation of Uganda. To diminish human rights & human dignity is such a fashion, well into the 21st century; will stifle progress & prosperity for generations to come.

  3. Government, with astonishing approval of most of the people; have buried the reputation,. culture, family institutions and lives of young people of Uganda in the abyss occupied by the Third Reich.

  4. So you mean Gay is first world, Gay is Backward! Take your money, God will provide for Uganda, shame upon you evil smelling generation. Was God crazy when He created man and woman? You are a Disgrace!

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