MPs Get Ipads

Members of the 9th parliament have today received the long awaited ipads.


The 9th parliament is the first beneficiary of the E-governance system that was launched in 2012.

While presiding over the function, the speaker of parliament Hon. Rebbeca Kadaga noted that the money used to buy the ipads was obtained from the parliamentary savings.

MP Elijah Okupa using is new IPAD.
MP Elijah Okupa using is new IPAD.

Parliamentary Commissioner Emmanuel Dombo, who is Bunyole East MP, explained that they procured the IPADS through the designated service provider for the Apple industry and those who do not know how to use the gadget will be trained.

The issuing of ipads to the legislators will now save parliament from spending over 45million shillings in buying stationery.

The cost of the ipads has been estimated at 375,616 dollars (Shs937.5m)

5 thoughts on “MPs Get Ipads

  1. Why couldn’t they buy there own Ipads? Are the Ipads a property of Parliament or personal. These people have become ticks to Ugandan, free cars, free Ipads, I hear they want free food too. Yiiii muswaleeko

    1. Free iPads, free cars, and maybe free food on the horizon? I’m clearly in the wrong line of work. Where do I sign up?!

  2. The ipads are always updated every six months or so. Will the MPs keep up with the new updates? Those ones will soon be outdated, if not already.

    1. and the six months will expire b4 all the legislators learn how to use the ipads. bwohohohoho!!!

  3. Hon Speaker and Members of the Parliament , please refund the payment for the IPADS as this money can be spent for a Clinic , School . the allowances that you are given can sustain you also can afford to have ipads . if you are true Ugandans than do it otherwise God will always forgive you God Bless

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