M7 Garners External Support For Congo Talks

President Museveni in a group pic with other leaders attending the Elysee summit on peace and security in Africa, Paris.
President Museveni (Front row Fourth from right) in a group pic with other leaders attending the Elysee summit on peace and security in Africa, Paris.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has asked the international community to throw their weight behind the ongoing DRC peace talks saying they deal with the root cause of the conflict. Museveni says once supported by the international community the talks will provide a permanent solution to the conflict.

He was meeting the US Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region Russ Feingold at the Mandarin Oriental Paris Hotel on the sidelines of the African conference on Peace and Security currently taking place in France.

According to Museveni, the success of the talks will ensure stability and eliminate future conflicts in the country and the region.

In a statement from State House President Museveni cites groups such as the Allied Democratic Forces, Interahamwe and the genocidaires who are operating inside the Congolese territory that must be handled to ensure permanent peace.

President Museveni told Russ that the Kampala talks had achieved much and what was remaining were declarations from the Joseph Kabila government, the M23 rebel representatives and the guarantor of the talks. On Tuesday this week President Museveni and Kabila met in Entebbe where they agreed to resume the talks, which had earlier on broken down as a result of disagreements between the warring parties.

This comes a few days after the M23 rebels dismissed three of its officials including Kambasu Ngeve Jean Serge the Permanent Secretary of the Political Executive, Sendugu Museveni the head of political affairs and Mashagiro Nzeyi Jérôme.

The three are accused of acts of indiscipline, defamation, misinformation and betrayal in accordance with M23 Code of Conduct.

2 thoughts on “M7 Garners External Support For Congo Talks

  1. Why couldn’t they have this meeting in an African country only one man from France come over to make his wishes over them? A waste of resources just! All these problems in Africa are caused by their country’s own leaders. Just wait! In the near future one or some of these heads of state will leave behind the same, same, same problem. We have seen a lot already because some of them are illegally occupying their presidencies and are sitting on the ‘heads’ of their citizens.

  2. Museveni is just trying to fool the world again. He created M23 which was defeated by the SADC led by TZ. Any naïve person can still listen to Museveni at this time, when we all know how he plays is games. Does this dude knows how some of those people laugh behind his back? A joker like Amin?

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