Congolese National Arrested for Alleged Child Sacrifice

Police in Masaka is holding a Congolese National for allegedly attempting to sell off a 15 year old girl to a witchdoctor for sacrifice.

L-R The victim Maria Oben Maworo with the suspect Christine Ampiire Feeza at masaka police station
L-R The victim Maria Oben Maworo with the suspect Christine Ampiire Feeza at masaka police station

Christine Ampiire Feeza, a resident of Lukaya town in Kalungu District has been arrested from a shrine at Kasana zone in Nyendo Ssenyange division where she had gone to sell off her sister in-law indentified as Maria Oben Maworo.

It is alleged that the suspect Ampiire and the victim Mawooro came to Uganda in January 2012 allegedly to sell two kilograms of gold.

Preliminary police investigations indicate that Ampiire used up her upkeep after a long stay in Uganda and could not afford the transport cost when she eventually decided to go back to Democratic Republic of Congo

She then confided in a boda-boda cyclist indentified as Juma Muleme whom he asked to get someone who can buy a person for sacrifice. Muleme then reported the matter to police.

He meanwhile arranged with Ampiire to take her to witch doctor in Nyendo indentified as Rajab Kyebambe who wanted a person to sacrifice. Kyebambe who had been already tipped off by Muleme about the deal says that he was shocked to see Ampiire with the minor ready to sell her off.

He says that at first Ampiire told him that she was selling the victim UGX 10 million. But Kyebambe told her he could only make payments if the victim’s blood could fill a pot whose capacity appeared to be about 4 litters.

Kyebambe explains that he told the suspect that he can only pay UGX 6 million because the minor’s blood could not fill his pot as he wanted which she agreed.

Masaka District police commander Henry Kavuma says that police was alerted by Kyebambe that Ampiire was selling off the minor and police sealed off the shrine in which Ampiire was arrested.
Held at Masaka central police station, Ampiire is likely to face charges of child trafficking.

She however denies the allegations saying that she has never asked Muleme to get her witch doctor to buy her sister in law because she is not wicked.

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