TPF6: Uganda’s Sitenda On Probation

As the sixth season of Tusker Project Fame heats up, top contestants, including Uganda’s Sitenda find themselves on the probation list that could see them exit the competition next Saturday during the live eviction show.

Uganda's Sitenda
Uganda’s Sitenda

After a surprise double eviction which saw Angel and Jennifer leave the house this past Saturday, East Africa will be put to task to vote for their favourite contestants in the most dramatic Tusker Project Fame season yet.

With each country getting one vote, the balance will be tipped by Tanzania and Burundi whose contestants are safe this week.

Uganda’s Sitenda sang ‘Bittersweets’ by Fantasia and unfortunately didn’t wow the judges getting negative comments with all judges unanimously assenting that it wasn’t her best performance.

Uganda’s only male contestant Derrick Kojjo sang ‘There Goes My Baby’ by Usher. Kojjo gave a performance that drew him out of his shell receiving a great applause from the audience and the guest Judge Atemiwho remarked that Kojjo did great, and his falsetto was amazing.

Uganda’s Daisy Ejang gave a performance of a lifetime singing ‘Price Tag’ by Jessie J. Daisy, which was a complete surprise from the usual ballads she has done since the Opening Gala.

It was an epic performance that received rapturous applause from the crowd considering that she lost her voice earlier in the week.

The contestants on probation this week are; Bior from South Sudan, Patrick from Rwanda, Sitenda from Uganda and Nyambura from Kenya landed in the probation list and are up for possible eviction next Saturday although the judges’ decision was not necessarily shared by the audience.

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