Ridiculous! Uganda’s Volleyball ‘Billionaire’ Who Loves But Disrespects The Game


By Ahmed Hussien

It would be suicidal for me not to congratulate the double National club and League Champions Nemostars.  They put up a splendid show for the entire season. Even when they faced much weaker opposition, it was respect oozing out of the team. There were moments when head coach Anthony Ndawula had eight players to select a team for a game but he still sent out the cream on court to play to the best of their abilities.

They never under estimated any team even when they had a choice to. No wonder Nemostars ended the season with eight trophies out of 11 finals played. I guess they are contenders for team of the year in the 2013 USPA awards. Old coach Neko Muduse- Ojala you are doing a good job. I believe the sportsmanship spirit has been preached and understood by every-one attached to the club. For Kampala Amateur Volleyball club (KAVC), they have had an indifferent season at a crucial sage this year but kept going.  It is not a secret any longer, some of their senior players will not be at the club next season thanks to the birth of Vision Volleyball Camp/Club. (VCC). But the players doubled their efforts to take the men and women’s teams to the final. KAVC needs to wake up next season.

Well, my point of contention though is about a man who has the passion and love for Volleyball but NO respect at all for the sport. He is Charles Kamuvi alias (KC).I’m reliably informed he is volleyball’s ‘billionaire’.  But does that really matter when he can’t put his money to proper use and also command respect from the Volleyball fraternity? I watched last season a league semifinal play-off game between Nemostars and Sport-S at Lugogo Indoor stadium.  KC was influencing team selection. The players objected. He ended up forming Sky Volleyball club. From the onset, I doubted his project with the manner he signed quality players to play in the Serie C. It left a lot to be desired. I’m not surprised that KC has influenced his team not to honour two league games this season-against Destiny and Namboole.

Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF) President Sadik Nasiwu will ironically do nothing about Sky’s actions because he doesn’t want to lose KC who is the National men’s team manager. I believe there are so many people in the sport who would want to serve on the national team with no conditions attached. Why should the volleyball fraternity be taken for granted? I know Nasiwu and KC are inseparable but no one is bigger than Volleyball. I must point out that Sky Volleyball club are a disgrace to play in any league organized by UVF. I know a fixture between Sky and Namboole is a mismatch but why should KC’s team deny fans who paid their hard earned 3,000/= to enjoy the action? The truth of the matter is, Sky were not in Fort Portal for the Wazee tournament.

We all have love for the game but we don’t do things that put the game into disrepute? What Sky has done should not just be condemned but weeded out. There must be tougher rules laid down for the teams across the UVF Leagues and Open tournaments. Soon, we shall see teams give away games to aid others win the titles, gain promotion or avoid relegation. Will UVF just look on? Sky should not be allowed to even move up to Serie B. if they do, they should start the season with points already deducted. UVF needs to act. It is not just about following the constitution or the bylaws of the play offs. Act now and punish sky. The memories are still fresh for the football fans that were at Namboole when SC Villa ‘hammered’ Akol FC 22 goals. Villa were the giants of Ugandan football at the time and dictated everything on the pitch and commanded a lot of respect from its fans and those who hated them. But that score was a killer blow to the integrity of the officials who were attached to the club.  It has since haunted them and some football fans have never forgiven the Villa officials who were involved in the act.

While at Lugogo last Saturday for the UVF play offs, I talked to a couple of people who matter in the sport. One of them was national team player Emma Kato. He sheepishly told me that his teammates were in Fort Portal for a tourney and added that ‘but it is best of 5 series’. I was lost for words. I could not believe what my ears had been fed by Kato. Are players taught to be liars?

It is obvious that Namboole volleyball club will be run ragged by Sky Volleyball club but the money men must show some respect to the sport. Sky Volleyball has several national team players-JB Opendi, Kato, Philip Wandawa, Nicholas Dheyongera and Jonathan Akugizibwe. Can’t these adults object KC’s decisions? UVF, the Mikasa ball is in your court.

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