Meddie Dumps Asma

Not so long ago we reported how ex-Luzira inmate and socialite, Meddie Ssentongo was back on top of his game as far as dating is concerned.


We also revealed how he and sexy glamour gal Asma Uwase were an item. According to close pals, Meddie and Asma had hooked up early last month.

However the romance seems to have come to an end. Snoops have learnt that Meddie has dumped Asma and moved on with his life. Meddie is said to have thrown the gorgeous Rwandese born bikini model out of his Lubowa pad over unknown reasons.

Last weekend she was spotted at the Kololo based route 256 with two yet to be identified babes.

However unlike in the past when drinks were flowing from all corners courtesy of Meddie this time Asma was seen sipping on a bottle of beer for the whole night.

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