KCCA’s Agaba Fired Over Alleged Corruption

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Director of Physical Planning George Agaba has been reportedly fired over allegations of taking bribes.

George Agaba
George Agaba

Mr Agaba  who recently returned to his office was accused along with his bodyguard, Santos Komakech Makmot, of shooting and killing one person and injuring five others during a KCCA eviction exercise in Luzira in January 2012. The operation was to demolish illegal structures.

He was apparently reinstated after going to court to prove he acted within the law during the eviction exercise that was caught on camera.

Mr Agaba and Mr Makmot were cleared of the murder charges by Nakawa High Court presided over by Justice Faith Mwondha.

4 thoughts on “KCCA’s Agaba Fired Over Alleged Corruption

  1. Thieves, everywhere you go! Now which explanations do KCCA staff give to justify stealing? By the way can anyone explain to me whether the expression “once a thief, always a thief” is generally true?

    1. ” “once a thief, always a thief” is generally true?” Two schools of thought Rhodsa. One is that character is enduring and hardly changes, the other is that people do change. I would love to see the latter being the operational theory in use. I love to hear Saul becoming Paul, a former murder turned into a saint. Zaccheus a corrupt revenue officer repenting and offering to pay fourfold compensation to those he cheated. This has happened in the past and continues to happen. But it requires a conversion experience. We all recall the story of a one Rwakatogoro, a district administrator, who returned stolen property (iron sheets) and risked being locked up. But without a conversion experience, thieves simply perfect the trade. Prisons which are supposed to be reformatories sometimes just harden the hearts of criminals!

  2. This guy was a kicupuli from California and Kuteesa gave him a job. What goes around comes around. You can’t shade innocent blood and think you will ever have peace.

  3. During broad day lite, Hmm en ur cleared in da courts of Law. Now take it or leave it u can neva hav innocent blood flowing in ur hands en hav peace even those who pretend to be fine are not fine hehehe balabye

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