KCCA: Six Lanes On Jinja Road Not Feasible

KCCA ED Jennifer Musisi
KCCA ED Jennifer Musisi

Barely a month into the construction of the planned six lane road from Kitgum House to Nakawa, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) officials have admitted that six lanes are not feasible for the whole stretch earmarked for reconstruction.

The authority now says the six lanes will be only from the Lugogo Cricket grounds stretch through to Nakawa. The rest from Kitgum House to Uganda Management Institute (UMI) will remain a five lane road. They attribute the change of plan to the existing horizontal alignments (buildings) along the road. Creation of six lanes would involve tearing down some of the buildings adjacent to the road, something KCCA says is currently not feasible.

KCCA Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi had earlier announced that the road would be expanded to six lanes to ease the flow of traffic into the city. The project that was meant to take off by August only started this month after delays from the Solicitor General approving the contract and the contractor, EnergoProjekt delayed scrutinizing the construction plans.

KCCA’s Deputy Spokesperson Robert Kalumba told local media that the six lanes were not feasible due to the buildings occupying the sides of Jinja road but added that the contrsution works will allow for six lanes from the Lugogo Bypass onwards.

3 thoughts on “KCCA: Six Lanes On Jinja Road Not Feasible

  1. Surely, if there are any Engineers and planners in KCC, they should have seen this!! But for proper planning and development, better to pull down these buildings and compensate the owners now than years later cause prices will certainly be increasing day by day.

  2. 6 or 5 lanes I just see more deadly accidents where crazy drivers will cross from lane one to lane 5. I think its very important to re-educate drivers in Uganda and even install cameras to catch offenders and punish them harshly. I suggest Uganda changes the way car numbers plates are attributed. I traveled to Switzerland on a one month conference and discovered one gets a number plate for life when you sell your car you retain the number plate or you can even have 1 number plate for 2 or 3 cars but you ONLY use it one at a time to avoid paying 3 insurance premiums,so basically you have a premio for work and Range Rover for the week ends or evenings but you only pay one number plate.This also helps the police know exactly who owns a particular number plate.

  3. The only lasting solution to Kampala’s traffic nightmare is to invest in mass transport systems. A railway line can cost as little as $2 million per Km far cheaper than constructing a road.

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