Health Workers Arrested For Absconding From Duty

Work at Ssembabule health centre IV came to a standstill after the district authorities sealed off the health facility to arrest health workers for neglect of duty.

The operation headed by Ssembabule District Acting Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Swaibu Bagendana was conducted at Ssembabule Health Center IV to arrest health 12 health workers for alleged neglect of duty.

According to CAO Bagendana the operation followed several complaints from patients about health workers neglecting their duties to attend to their private business.

He said that many patients including pregnant mothers and HIV/AIDS patients who require extra care and attention make fruitless visits to the government health center because of absence of medical workers.

Bagendana further said that some health workers are fond of referring patients to their private clinics, claiming that their no medicine in the health centre.

However, drama ensured at Ssembabule police station where the health workers were detained as patients stormed the police demanding for health workers to attend to them.

Joseph Arinaitwe one of the patients who had turned up for anti-retroviral drugs greatly opposed the decision by district authorities to arrest the health workers.

He said that they were left with no one to attend to them yet they have to get ARV drugs every month.

However police was forced to grant bail to health workers to report back to their work but this did not go down well with them as they refused to go back to the health unit leaving patients stranded.

5 thoughts on “Health Workers Arrested For Absconding From Duty

  1. this was the most absurd thing for acting CAO to do, maybe he is looking at becoming a full CAO. you should learn the art of persuading otherwise you will just worsen the situation

  2. No wonder it the acting CAO acting erroneously. Let him revise Public Service Standing Order and Employment Act. He does not even deserve to be called a CAO.

  3. The so-called acting CAO should immediately be summoned for questioning.His actions amount to gross misconduct,abuse of office and causing malicious damage;by the time patients stormed the Police station demanding for the services of the same people who reportedly were non-performing,who knows the amount damage that was caused health-wise….such self-seeking,ignorant elite fools should appreciate the fact that human health is so special and those who deal with it based on the science they’ve acquired in training should be handled with that caution that is dictated by the value of human life.

  4. The so called Acting CAO did performed his duties ignorantly,probably he lacks leadership skills to intervene such situations

  5. but why did you fail to cover the story of Dr. joseph matovu who aborted and killed a woman in kalisizo hospital. he cut cut her body to confuse that she got accident arrested by kalisizo police, corrupted journalists and police then released. decesed husband and relatived threated by hon kasolo of MP kyotera. please help the family

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