EA Integration: Kikwete Blasts Neighbours

Tanzania’s President Jakaya Kikwete has sharply criticised Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda for taking decisions at the East African Community without consulting other members.

“Do they want to create another community? Are they angry with our country or me, or do they want push us out?” Mr Kikwete said in parliament.

Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete
Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete

Nevertheless, he said Tanzania would not leave the EAC.

The speech is the latest sign of strained relations in East Africa.

Earlier this year, Mr Kikwete told Rwanda and Uganda to enter into talks with rebel groups battling them from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The idea was dismissed by his Rwandan counterpart, leading to a diplomatic spat and rumours that the EAC was heading for disintegration.

Tanzania then sent troops to join a special UN brigade fighting another rebel group in DR Congo, the M23, which both Uganda and Rwanda are accused of backing. They deny the claims.

4 thoughts on “EA Integration: Kikwete Blasts Neighbours

  1. The Good News Or Shall I say The Bad News Is That “Edward Snowden” Is Still In Russia !

  2. Tanzania should not get worried. All the resolutions they reached especially on infrastructure development such as rail, will certainly not take shape. These countries neither have the will nor the finances to effect these plans.

    1. These are money generating ventures especially in the railways, the potential is there, the labour is available and cheap (chinese prisoners) and some africans with out worker in the three countries.
      The returns on these projects are huge, the security to guard these venture is assured, the money is from the east with no strings attaches.
      our dear brother is saluting facing the west, until he is vindicated he can not stop dancing their tune.
      we have all been there,so the writing is on the wall.,i think three heads might be wiser than one , there is no turning back unless by the almighty himself which the east doesn’t believe in.
      so the Tanzanias are right to be worried,
      Do you remember the story or Dar es salama airport Radar how did it end who paid the price.

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