4 Ugandans Detained In South Sudan

The National Security Authorities (NSA) of Kajo – Keji County in South Sudan have arrested four Ugandans for illegal entry.

The four suspects allegedly went to carry out fake business of mercury with a South Sudan businessman based in Kajo- Kajo who is now on the run.

Two of the suspects are from Adjumani district, while the others are from Gulu and Dufile Sub County in Moyo district respectively.

Moyo district police commander Milton Bwambale, however, declined to reveal the names of the suspects saying it might cause violence.

The suspects are detained at Mere police station in Kajo- Keji County while the investigation continues. Bwambale says his office received the information from their relatives who came complaining of their disappearance. He noted that the four Ugandans have been detained in South Sudan for over two weeks after they claimed to be Sudanese locals. But some of the relatives who knew that they had gone to South Sudan informed the police.

Bwambale also said that the National Security units in South Sudan carried out their investigations on the suspected criminals and handed them to the police for further interrogation. They are to appear in court today, though we could not establish the charges preferred against them.

This is not the first time Ugandans have been arrested and detained in Kajo Keji. Last year at least seven MPs and Moyo district leaders were arrested and detained for several hours when they went to resolve a border conflict between the county and Moyo district in Uganda.

2 thoughts on “4 Ugandans Detained In South Sudan

  1. Very interesting: Let Ugandans get to know that South Sudan is now a Country which when you are going to, get your travelling documents done. Why get involve in dubious business with a South Sudanese thief? Take care Ugandans.

    1. There is nothing very interesting about this, Toluja. Your brothers have lived in Uganda for tens of years without ‘travelling documents’ . . . thousands of them and involved in all sorts of questionable business. Should we throw them out just because their home country, South Sudan is now a country?

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