Why Tooro Duke Filed For Divorce

The duke of Tooro kingdom has started to spill secretes of their failed marriage.

Princess Komuntale and Thomas on their wedding day
Princess Komuntale and Thomas on their wedding day

Days after Princess Ruth Komubtale announced her withdraw from the one year old marriage; Christopher Thomas has revealed how he filed for absolute divorce because his wife princess Ruth committed adultery.

According to the document that Christopher issued via his official Facebook page, the divorce application was made on October 22 at the circuit court of Moutgomery Maryland United States of America.

It has now been confirmed that Ruth Komuntale and Christopher Thomas wedded twice.


Their first wedding was civil and it took place on 22nd May 2012 at the circuit court on Montgomery in Maryland United States Of America.

The second marriage was  religious and took place on 17th November 2012 at St. John’s Cathedral in Fort Portal Uganda.

Below is the divorce application that Thomas filed.







32 thoughts on “Why Tooro Duke Filed For Divorce

  1. I hear it was Thomas who committed adultery. Since he has molested our princess, let there be divorce. Marriage should be a time of bliss not torture.

  2. This was a mistake in the first place. A princess was supposed to be married to someone with roots, a Ugandan may be in tooro, buganda or ankole, with a strong family background,
    Who is to blame ????

    1. yr ryt,fredrick.i wonder y this gal had to look for an American?? lots of men down there in tooro…let her face it,its alesson to all ladies who think bazunguz are better than Africans.

        1. For your information the word
          Zunguka in swahili literary means a wandering person when they saw the explorers

      1. Get back to your senses Mr. Mutooro. Thomas is not a zungu. You must be ashamed for posting b4 thorough research!!

        1. It is not a matter of Mutooro, Mzungu etc but the way a person conducts himself or herself, maybe they did not study each other before deciding to get married.

  3. Princess, thats not the end of the world for you. whatever comes to your life always thank God

    1. the princess shared too much as well, and honestly she started it by making him look bad. he just simply gave evidence that she didn’t have.


    1. Lets not blame the man only, unless you were the cctv in their lives, we will never know the exact truth

  5. It isn’t a shock that she was caught in adultery, only wish Thomas had known the secrets behind her tribe and family not to mention Gaddafi/queen mother affair all testify of what was to come-just like mother like daughter

  6. this is a big lesson dat we can get from people coming from USA CANADA AUSTRALIA and other countries

    1. general statements r not always true for every one. some whites r faithful. dont generalise

  7. Early excitement of marriage from civil marriage to religious marriage.
    Fellow Ugandans,we should analyse and commit our selves to marital status before extravagantly declaring to marry twice when they is no trust and self control for another adultery.

  8. I want her for my Brother (Lugbara in Arua) now, this will even enhance our social relation with Bantus.

  9. i think we need to understand chris’s side too…coz it might hav some truth..lets try to understand whether its true komuntale committed adultery

  10. there is something called forgiveness. but there is also something called destiny. our dear princess, beleive God for your destiny and if u realy wat he is accusing you of, the same God has the grace that is sufficient to cleanse you. just repent and start a new life in God

  11. It is unfortunate for Fredrick Ssuuna to suggest that the Princess should have married in Buganda, Tooro or Ankole only. That was a narrow attempt to class a tribe. What was required was the princes to marry a man with sound character. From the beginning I saw the face of Thomas as a pretender.

    1. The woman too should be real with sound character and Identity, not that “Princess” non sense. Such titles are dead in africa and irrelivant to the 21st century. Go to UK

  12. Just for a thought; They “princess” might have thought she is too princess for us the so called “real Africans” hence she wanted only out, out of Africa. There are always two sides to a battle. Lets not tell history from the side of the victor only.

    1. Bwana Aloni! The man has spoken through the media. What more do you want from him! Princess Ruth is our person and she got a wrong man for a Duke!

  13. Contrary to common belief that divorce pains all, Divorce is not painful to pretenders who are only after status.

    1. “Marriage aint a days work” true marriage is built on love not sentiments. Bravo to those who hang in despite the huddles, valleys and peaks. Everything happens for a reason and in this case, it should be an eye opener for those preparing for marriage to take a little more time to understand their spouses bad and good sides before popping the big question or saying “i do”

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