Turinawe Held For Trying To Disrupt Independence Celebrations

The Uganda Police on Wednesday arrested opposition party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) women league leader Ingrid Turinawe.

Ingrid Turinawe
Ingrid Turinawe

Police claims that Turinawe was mobilizing people to disrupt the 51st Independence Day celebrations held today in Rukungiri district, western Uganda.

Turinawe was arrested in Rukungiri and whisked away to the neighboring district of Ntungamo.

Deputy Police spokesperson Onyango told local media that Ingrid Turinawe arrived at the venue of the celebrations and later on refused to enter the grounds for the celebrations.

He further revealed that Turinawe instead preferred to chat with locals in what seemed like an attempt to incite them to disrupt the function.

Onyango adds that Besigye had been put under preventive arrest after getting intelligence information that he was mobilizing a rally at a venue located 100 kilometers from the venue of the official Independence Day celebrations.

Onyango says that the Police escorted Besigye to his home but withdrew after the function ended.

However, other sources intimated to us that police are still deployed heavily around the former FDC President’s home.

Onyango adds that the celebrations were generally peacefully and that there are no cases related to insecurity that have been reported.

Earlier in the day, President Museveni used the celebrations to ask the teachers in Uganda to be patient with the government on the issue of salary increment saying that the government has never deliberately refused to increase their salaries.

The President also revealed that the government also plans to put in place a youth fund that will see the youth who are educated but have failed to get jobs getting money to help them survive.

The president also decorated over 200 people with medals for their contributions towards the development of Uganda in various fields.

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  1. Uganda Police has enough time and money to waste on chasing the wind and People in the country who are fighting for Good Governance in Uganda.

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