Thugs Banquet On Wine Bottles, Moroto Cathedral Raided

It was a ‘full full condition’ among the thugs who raided St. Phillip Cathedral in Moroto as they gulped over nine bottles of Alter Wine that left the drunk and sleepy.

Empty Bottles of Wine at Moroto Cathedral
Empty Bottles of Wine at Moroto Cathedral

The thugs estimated to be 13 in number raided the cathedral on Wednesday night and took off with a set of public address system, computers, speakers, stabilizers and other instruments from the church.

To the surprise of many, some of the goons were found sleeping on the church vestry in the morning. When one the thugs was woken up by the helpless church guard, he took off a terrible speed.

John Charles Loumo, a Warden at the Cathedral condemned the act saying it is unfortunate that people no longer fear holy premises.

John Omwony, the in-charge crime desk at Moroto Central Police Station, said that the cops already have a lead to bring to light the thieves.

This is not the first time thugs have raided places of worship in Karamoja. At the beginning of this year unknown goons broke into Tokora Pentecostal Church and took away a new public address system.

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