Museveni: If Tinyefunza Wants Force Let Him Come

President Yoweri Museveni.
President Yoweri Museveni.

Renegade General David Sejusa has finally been dared to effect his threats of using force to overthrow the NRM government by President Museveni. The son of Kaguta back from the United Nations general assembly and state trips in Europe on Wednesday evening told the media at a press conference at State House.

“If he wants to use force, let him come. He knows my address…We have been waiting for him for that”.

 Sejusa fled to UK after he made statements about President Yoweri Museveni’s succession plans and in a June interview with the BBC in June, Sejusa vowed to use all available means to unseat President Museveni’s government, which he termed as “a life presidency transiting into a political monarchy”. The man from Rwakitura, however, moved to dispel apprehension that Gen Sejusa had caused his government any uneasiness.

That man (Sejusa) is already a deserter,” said the President. The NRM government has better projects that benefit Ugandans other than concentrating on Tinyefuza now; he is not our priority,” he added.

In April Sejusa then the coordinator of Intelligence agencies in Uganda unleashed a letter he had written to one of the spy chiefs claiming that top officials opposed to the “Muhoozi Project” were marked for elimination.

But the government and His Excellency have since denied plotting for the first Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba a serving military officer to take over from his father. “He (Muhoozi) has never stood for any post at village level how can he stand for Presidency,” Mr Museveni said on Wednesday.

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  1. I hear” he knows my address,if he wants to use force,let him come”,is that the final declaration for war,you really sounded merciless and with buffoonery attitude,at the end you and your family will be enjoying your selves at your comfort zones while the children of poor Ugandans are sent to the front line killing themselves like grasshoppers …..
    Am tired of this man of miss- using the owners of the land to further his perpetuity in the persidency

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