Mother Sets Son Ablaze Over UGX 100

6-year-old Arafah Mayombwe, a resident of Kizito zone in Luweero town council is nursing severe burns after he was set ablaze by his mother for alleged theft of 100 shillings.

Irene Nakabiito,the suspect at Luweero Central Police Station.
Irene Nakabiito,the suspect at Luweero Central Police Station.

Mayombwe was rescued by residents on Saturday morning after he was locked up in the house and set on fire by his mother Irene Nakabiito.

Neighbors heard the minor crying for help inside their house and rushed to see what was happening only to find him on fire. It all started after Mayombwe allegedly pocketed 100 shillings that was left by his mother on the dining table for buying a match box. After searching for the money in vain, Nakabiito suspected that Mayombwe could have taken it.

She collected polythene bags and some clothes which she used to wrap the minor and set him ablaze. During interrogations, Nakabiito told police that she was fed up with the boy’s habit of stealing her hard earned cash, yet she doesn’t receive any help from his father.

Godfrey Ninsiima, the Luweero District Police Commander says Nakabiito has been charged with child abuse and torture. The incident in Luweero, comes just days after another woman on Budaka district was also arrested for burning her son for stealing shillings 200. Nusula Namuzungu is suspected to have tied her errant son doused him with paraffin and set him ablaze.

4 thoughts on “Mother Sets Son Ablaze Over UGX 100

  1. I am finding it hard to comprehend that a mother sets their sons on fire for whatever reason let alone ‘stealing’ petty shillings. These people need to be taken to a psychiatrist before law they go to law courts.

  2. Understanding the cause of such acts requires an understanding of the construct of the social economic embeddedness that defines our society today. Poverty goes beyond the physical side and captures the core of human thinking as society maneuvers to survive. So while it is entirely wrong and unforgivable for a mother to do such act, we also need to stretch our minds beyond the act and try to link it to the social economic realities that define survival today. Too bad!

  3. A frustrated woman who is very bitter with her life turns all her blazing hot anger with life/husband on a poor little boy, oba who told her to give birth? Not fit to be a mother.

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