Kulayigye: Students Must Undergo Military Training

UPDF Chief Political Commissar, Col Felix Kulayigye has said that all University students will have to go through a basic military and military training at The National Leadership institute, Kyankwanzi.

UPDF Chief Political Commissar, Col Felix Kulayigye
UPDF Chief Political Commissar, Col Felix Kulayigye

Col Felix Kulayigye revealed the initiative yesterday at Makerere University while attending a security alertness conference.

Kulayingye said that the students will be equipped with lessons on self defense tactics, detecting crime, Nationalism, Patriotism and military drills.

11 thoughts on “Kulayigye: Students Must Undergo Military Training

  1. Students who are trained all to do mechanics,driving,bricklaying,metal works,electrical installation,Catering,tailoring and agriculture are far better than those taken to Kyankwanzi to be brainwashed by the NRM ideologies Which are Segregation,corruption and have no fear of God.

  2. We Ugandans must adopt to this as a National training, this type of training done in many countries such Sweden Israel and USA , the Students cannot to be Jaundiced or brainwashed as writers are criticising no harm is done instead the Students will appreciate to defend it mother nation in time of need internal and external, also learn of the Economic needs who will be able to judge which political ideology to follow . So lets not confuse this will also keep our youth away from the Bell Time and Night outings etc etc

    1. Sarah Which USA are you talking about here? Not the one I live in, NO one is forced here to join the military or undergo military training. The government has failed to work on roads, stop corruption, now they are trying to find an excuse as lack of military training to students. Hope you train them good because they are going to turn that training against you Benghazi style

  3. Some people want to take advantage of the students’ ignorance to foster their political manoeuvres. Such training is extremely necessary. You should know that The National Leadership Institute is for Uganda and not NRM. When you are trained in Military, crime detection, Nationalism and Patriotism, do you become an NRM member? What do you think a caring govt should do for its citizens as far as personal security is concerned? Kulayige was telling students – are they not studying the Agriculture, electrical installation etc?

  4. I think let us teach students wealth creation fast, right now uganda has nothing to guard. Gadaffi spent so much resources military staff like we are doing and when the time he was kicked like a fly, he had more jets than you can imagine. Let us teach our children to be peace loving. Most of the thing are eventually solved by negoitiating even after hundred of years

  5. There is too much brainwashing by the NRM Leadership with an intent to make all citizens Poor and ignorant of what is taking place in the Country.

  6. If these guys are not stopped in time, we will have no Uganda to save! This is a corrupt system that wants to indoctrinate the youth. we dont need military training, we need to train the youth to think out of the box to create wealth and not look for jobs. A strong economy is what matters today, not a military, not jet fighters, not foot soldiers…that kind of thinking is still 1986 thinking.

  7. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I attended cadre 28 and I dont remember lessons in self defence. Rather, it was the usual lectures of kajabago-ka-Rusoke

    1. Yeah, yeah, that crap about loving your leaders like you love yourself, blah, blah, blah,……….

  8. Makerere recruits over 10k students per year. KYU about 6K, then MUST, Busitema, UCU, UMU, IUIU, etc. You are talking about 50K students per year. Does kyankwanzi have capacity to train them? why not first train Bantaliza

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