Komuntale Marriage On The Verge Of Collapse

Christopher Thomas, husband to Tooro Kingdom Princess Ruth Komuntale seems to be falling out of their on and off  marriage and by the way of looks, things have failed to work out.

Princess Komuntale and Thomas on their wedding day
Princess Komuntale and Thomas on their wedding day

According to Christopher’s Facebook posts recently, he seems to have thrown in a towel.

Rumor has it that  Thomas has even dropped royalty title; the duke and his pet name Amooti.

Ever since the two got married last year, they have been accusing each other of infidelity.

Christopher Thomas the charming prince was rumored to have been flirting with Priscilla Bagaya.

One of Thomas' Facebook Posts
One of Thomas’ Facebook Posts


18 thoughts on “Komuntale Marriage On The Verge Of Collapse

      1. I agree with Kalani. To use your example, look at what happened to Diana and Charles. Nagginda’s done good; I dont see why you referred to her and as Mzee Ssebugwawo’s granddaughter, she is royalty. Read up on Buganda’s history, you’ll get what I am on about.
        Komuntale’s mistake was a great insult to Tooro; since this boy has some negroid blood in him, I am assuming he might be the descendant of slaves. Imagine the travesity of the future King of Tooro having cousins with slave blood.
        Ruhanga weenyini niwe yatukoonyiire. Hope she’s not had any babies with this slave boy.
        Duke, kibunu kyange murujungu!!! – onu mwiiru wenyini, nomuroorra hangeso!
        Ahangare Rukirabasaija.
        Now, where is the queue for a ticket to Komuntaleland? I have a lot to offer, all nine inches of it (Wink,wink).
        Akatabani komwiiru tikeine ekikamanyire- omwisiki nawe mumuganyireho.

        1. You will be surprised…after all that media humiliation and disrespect, they may be get back together!!! It will be the saddest day ever!!!

        2. Do no talk like that, please. Negroid, yes, but he was a victim of circumstances, and even AU has asked for reparations, so to hear black people subjecting our brothers who were rounded up and taken to foreign lands against their choice to such disdain, is ridiculous. No one chooses his parents or neighbours, for that matter.

          1. But, except for regions where forced and arranged marriages are still prevalent, everybody nowadays chooses their spouse and Komuntale and her advisors could have done a better job of that, as they must know by now.
Agreed, about my attitude to our “brothers”. About AU’s reparations, I do not think that is going to happen soon, seeing as the Jews, who suffered much less and for a waaay shorter period than we Africans were compensated almost immediately and perpetually; until now they are still being paid.
As one who sounds enlightened, you should know that those whom you have referred to as our
            brothers have no respect for us and want nothing to do with us. You may or may not have had such an experience but I can tell you that in the UK and US for instance, some of the most discriminative attitudes you will get are from these
            immigrant indo-negroid- Caribbean- descended people. Do not be fooled by their dark or mixed complexion into thinking that they are anything like you; They adopt a superioristic attitude to Africans and either suck up to or rebel against Caucasians. They resent you for “selling them out” and hate the fact that you have roots and a name while they have lost their name to some farm owning slave master forever. 
All that aside, my frustration stems from the fact that this girl is of royal blood, was too immature to make the right decision, ended up nearly mixing royal lineage with a slave descendant’s blood and there was no protection from the regency of Tooro, largely because the men of Tooro have not had the balls to take charge of the Kingdom and have left it to the running of a few randy women. 
My disdainful references to this slave descendant, half-caste lad was based strictly on his great wisdom in washing his breaking family’s dirty linen on the world’s least respected but most used social platform. Cry for help? Maybe. His approach to the problem? Back to his roots.
While he behaved, we welcomed him back home to establish roots in motherland but again, gold ring in pig’s snout; he never realised that that was
            his great grand descendants’ one wish- to return to Africa one day. I bet you that had they borne children, he’d have named them Thomas and not Iguru or some such; he’d have honoured his slave roots above his great grandparents’
He had the chance to “return home” as Kunta Kinte had wished and blew it when he failed to provide leadership for his family. That said, I sympathise with him; where would he have learnt about family? No mention is made of his parents- wonder whether he even knows who his father is.
In brief, Thomas’ LA – based dysfunctional ghetto gang was the worst possible place to choose a lifetime companion for the (granted slutty but) only sister of Tooro’s respectable King.

        3. you speak so ignorantly…blame his character but dont blame him because he is black and a descendant of a slave..we Africans can be so ignorant, we use words carelessly..do u know in the US..You and this descendant of a slave are all considered black and both not good enough…its like the pot calling the kettle black. The problem was with the Tooro kingdom letting the princess go at such a young age, but then again, so what? Its her life and she should live it as she chooses. Maybe this ‘crazy” husband of hers makes her happy..we talk about democracy and freedom, but then we criticize those who choose it…pure hypocrisy. That’s why our children are so messed up in Africa…we never let them do what they love..we dictate so much..we all want freedom deep down in our souls…so let this girl be…if she made a mistake, she will learn from it.

    1. Eh, eh naye kibi nnyo. This dude, James or Thomas, does not appreciate our values. How can he behave like that, doesn’t he care that he has a diamond in the Princess?

  1. Whatever the devil made for bad, God will turn into good and reward 10 fold. Everything in His timing.

  2. God is the last resort let them turn to Jesus Christ so he may save their marriage.otherwise their marriage might cease to exit.

  3. Knew that even before the wedding. She was supposed to marry from the former royal family of Libya

    1. Mind, he is a descendant of slaves probably. So, why are we even surprised.
      Such a loser he cant even do something as simple as fulfill his conjugal duties.
      Beitu abatooro neitwe tuli generaasi muno, chaali.
      Twiine embabazi, asaba aheebwa nikwo tugamba.

      1. From the word go this marriage was ment to fail! How do u marry a slave with no surname mbu christopher thomas??? If only Tooro Kingdom had men capable of leading to guide this beautiful princess and dota of Uganda, we would not be in pain! Our dota would not be abused!

        1. hahahaha….mbu he calls her a whore coz she took an HIV test! Statistics show that African Americans have the highest rates of HIV in the US! The poor girl was right to take the test….he’s obviously guilty of something..lol

  4. I remember dreadlocked mperekeze at their wedding. Trust Vegas to twist anyone’s soul.now she’s defiled, who will take her?
    But her mummy set an example, with the message that the crown jewels go to the highest bidder.
    She shd never have gone to the US;
    The Tooro kingdom leadership is too weak to control their leading women, and that is why their panties are coming off quick and often.

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