HIV/AIDS Patients Hit Hard By Health Workers Strike

People living with HIV/AIDS in Kanungu district are facing it rough as a result of the ongoing medical workers strike.

AIDS Patient in a hospital
AIDS Patient in a hospital

Early this month, medical workers in major health facilities in Kanungu district laid down their tools to protest the failure by the government to pay their salaries for the last 9 months. The most affected health workers are attached to Kihihi health center four and Kambuga hospital.

The strike has left over 3600 HIV/AIDS patients stranded as they are finding it very hard to access anti retroviral drugs.

Anent Kamusiime is one of those affected by the strike. Kamusiime has been accessing ARVs from Kihihi health center four.

She said that since the strike started she is finding it very hard to access the drugs since the health workers have abandoned their duty stations. Kamusiime says that many people with a similar condition to hers are suffering silently in the villages because they have nowhere to turn for help.

Saturday Nason, the chairperson Uganda National Midwives Union Kanungu branch admits that hundreds of people have been receiving ARVs from Kihihi health centre four.

He however, says the medical workers will only return to work after their salaries are paid. Stephen Sebudde, the Kanungu district Medical Officer says that he has been trying to convince the health workers to return to work in vain.

Juuko Kasiita, the Deputy Kanungu Resident District Commissioner has also unsuccessfully attempted to lure the medical workers to return to work.

Kasiita says the medical workers and the leadership of their union have shunned all the meeting he has been calling. Chrysostom Kayise, the Chief Administrative Officer Kanungu district says that he is in touch with the ministry of Public service to resolve the stalemate at the earliest opportunity.

He says that the health workers should kindly return to work saying that the locals are suffering seriously.

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  1. The medical profession should be viewed as a calling ,it defeats sense to see people dying when care givers are on strike.I respect their right for a better pay but to down tools should be a balanced act.

  2. Oh my, some times what we refer to as enjoying is actually slow suicide, look at the guy’s bones, let me put on my cd

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