Bad Black Netted In Rwanda

Fugitive Shanita Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has been arrested in Kigali the Rwandan capital.

Bad Black has been netted in Rwanda
Bad Black has been netted in Rwanda

Bad Black’s arrest follows an arrest warrant that was issued by Uganda Police with the assistance of Interpol to arrest her after she jumped bail conditions

Interpol police boss Asan Kasingye has confirmed the arrest and that Black will be transferred back To Uganda.

Bad Black is accused of embezzling  Shs11billion from Daveshan Development Company Ltd, a real estate company, where she was a co-director and owned by her English fiancé Mr David Greenhalgh.

9 thoughts on “Bad Black Netted In Rwanda

    1. Does this 40 days rule not apply to westerners , most of whom have stolen our taxes ? For many Ugandans , Bad Black is not worse than the causin of Mrs J.K who admitted that she had forged signatures and slote 300 million . She was set free for “good behaviour” !!!!!!
      Is Bad Black “bader ” than Kabakumba Matsiko in stealing ?

      1. Leave BB alone she will never be worse than the likes of Temangalo thieves. Ugandans are suffering not because of BB but because of ‘we
        Fought thieves’ Police (NAbakoba) your busy on BB ALSHABA is coming

  1. Why was it eazy for Allan Kisinje and Rwandan Police to arrest Bad Black when they have no yet arrested Capt Byakutaga who run away with soldiers salaries ?

    1. “Kabaawo”, locally means “LOCAL WARAGI” in Bufundas. For your information however, M/s Byakutaga is very much here in Uganda if you know his twin brother, though they have a small difference in the faces!! If you stick your eyes on and recognise him, you will know he can kill you!!

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