Why Golola Beat Tugume; The Shocking Secrets

It’s true and stale that kickboxer Moses Golola thumped challenger Titus Tugume in a record 10 seconds to retain his East and Central African Belt on Saturday Morning at Freedoom City roof top.

Golola's hope is reaching Kickboxing top
Golola’s hope is reaching Kickboxing top


However the million dollar question that still lingers in many a fan’s mind is how did he achieve that exceptional feat?

Pepper sport opens the Pandora box in this investigative chronicle of how wordsmith Moses Golola has transform from the amateur player he was proved by Andras Nagy (RIP) and Mate Zsamboki just a few years ago to a one minute destroyer like the legendary Mike Tyson.

The Golola you saw on Saturday capitalizing on a Tugume blunder of opening up the face after a failed kick that resulted into a thunderous technical knock-out that left the latter unconscious is a product of a long term project that has its roots in Kenya.

Trainer Andre advises Golola (R) on how to knockout  opponents
Trainer Andre advises Golola (R) on how to knockout opponents

As fate would have it, Golola travelled to Kenya in March this year to have his ‘discolocated’ rather dislocated knee so that he could carry on with the game. Upon landing in Nairobi he was received by Kenyanbased Ugandan friends Allan Munobwa and Paul Kabaale who had been tipped by Prince Namuggala Mulondo’s son Henry Mukaabya.

Using his hilarious jokes and coercive appeal, Golola trapped the attention of the dual who offered to habour him at their Nairobi apartment in Hurlingham along Argwings Khodek Road.

Golola spared time to train with beautiful Kenyans
Golola spared time to train with beautiful Kenyans

Soon the relationship blossomed and the next thing was taking Golola who had no money on him to  Colosseun Gym, owned by former Dutch kickboxing champion, now turned professional coach, Andrelina a.k.a Andre just 3kms away from their apartment.

Golola Reborn

At sight, the aging Andre noted of Golola;  “You look like a powerful guy”. It’s then that Golola’s predicament was narrated to him. Known as a harsh, hands-on, crazy and stern talent developer, Andre was expected not to give the 33-year-old a chance; but trust Golola’s innate luck, he was accommodated. Andre told Golola’s financiers Munobwa and Kabaale both; Ugandans working in Kenya, that Golola only needed two formats of training. The technical training that required grilling at Colloseum gym and body-conditioning that would put him in Contention with the best fighters.

Golola shows off muscles after training at Colloseum Gym in Nairobi
Golola shows off muscles after training at Colloseum Gym in Nairobi

Golola’s other pathetic misdeeds that needed hast redress included working on his physical fine-turning and mental-shaping. Determined to learn new tricks to restore his acclaim as Uganda’s best kickboxer that kicked River Nile out of Uganda, Golola started serious work that catapulted into that improved performance against Hungarian Istvan Betyar in April at Kyadondo.

Preparing for Tugume

According to Kabaale, Betyars win inspired Golola psychologically and within weeks he was back in Kenya to start preparing for what many pundits had foreseen as a mother of all battles with nemesis Tugume, which paradoxically ended in a blink of an eye.

In Kenya, The wordsmith is equally loved by fans probably due to his huge presence on social media platforms. At Colosseum Gym, Andre assigned him four coaches; one responsible for body fitness and fight techniques, one for training on kickboxing only, one for general fitness and training and another for the ‘business in the ring’ which includes choosing right training partners.

Golola meditates in a Nairobi leisure Park after training
Golola meditates in a Nairobi leisure Park after training

Xtreme Entertainment Ltd company which now officially manages Golola in Kenya revealed to Pepper Sport that each of the four trainers has been earning 150 dollars per week for the six weeks he has camped in Kenya!

A day in Golola’s training

Golola, an early-riser, would have been waking up at his usual 4am time in Nairobi but it is rather insecure at this time.

This left Golola with no option but to do press-ups and spot runs at the balcony for 30 minutes before resorting to watching channels like Black belt TV, ESPN 2 that relay fighting bouts.

At 7:00 am after sipping five glasses of water and a plate of fruits, Golola would sprint to Andre’s gym; a ‘simple distance’ of 3kms.

He then works with the Andre known as the best fitness expert in Kenya for close to five hours punctuated by resting and joking. Just next to Andre’s gym is an eatery; Golola would take his fruits from before running back home to rest for two hours. He would resume personal training in Westlands, which has a hilly canopy.

Before returning home, Golola would pass by Body and soul Gym for light training at 7pm from where he would head directly to bed to observe his mandatory eight-hour rest.

Golola even trained with women
Golola even trained with women

Quite surprising is the fact that his eating appetite that had become his second name before was banned. [M2]He has been subjected to a specific diet comprising fruits, hydration stuff (water, cranberry juice) Afya porridge, boiled rice and meat without fats.

This serves to explain his lean appearance after chopping off 7kg to stand at 67kgs now.

Throw Tugume in the picture and you will be surprised to learn that the only ground breaking effort he took prior to the fight was changing training base from the posh Bunga leisure gardens Bunga to a ghetto Furious Gym in Namasuba!

Golola the Ambassador, devouted man of God

Over the weekends, Golola would lessen on his busy training schedule to ‘represent Uganda’ at charity events offering adoring fans with photo opportunities.

Despite the fact he is now a Born Again Christian, the comical fighter frequented Consolata Catholic Church along Waiyaki Way in Westlands after training or alternatively head to Parklands Baptist Church.

And when he was too jaded to make it there, Pastor Evans Mayambala’s[M3] younger brother would opt for a nearer Nairobi Pentecostal Church! Those that were closer to the ring during the historical win on Saturday morning will concur with me that the first words a beaming Golola uttered as Tugume crawled on the canvas were ‘it’s all by the power of God’

World champ in the making

“Our selfish intention would be that Golola never leaves us but unforeseen circumstances like better deals, injuries, age or losing interest in our proposal can come in,” said Munobwa, one of Xtreme’s directors.

He adds that they would be working on a deal with an international fighter that will fight with Golola in two months’ time in Kenya. This three-fold move will ultimately extend Golola’s brand beyond Uganda, catapult him to global belts challenges and impose on him the life of fighting outside the Pearl of Africa which has been his Achilles heel for long.

He is set to return to is training base so that he avoids the nocturnal pompous life he had lived prior to fighting the late Andras Nagy and later Zsamboki.

Sex Holidays

Not at one moment has it been mentioned that Golola had any sex intercourse during the two month gruelling training though he flirted with several female admirers.

In fact Golola says he is determined to follow Andre’s advice to the dot if he is to make it to the global level he has been yearning for since he started the game in 2001.

“Andre patted my back as I left on Monday last week urging me to go and do it and ‘behave professionally thereafter’, I am yet to talk to him after the fight but I guess he is over the moon,” Golola told Pepper sport.

His steady progress seems to be moving according to the script but the nagging right knee injury that curtails his coordinated footwork still holds him back.

Golola poses with Kenyan fans
Golola poses with Kenyan fans

Put in few words; Golola loved the game, spread it, tested its wrath and went back to the drawing board to achieve the glory he is currently basking in with limited or no support from stakeholders. Bravo Golola Moses of Uganda!

Golola works on leg power
Golola works on leg power
After training Golola would seductively chat with female colleagues
After training Golola would seductively chat with female colleagues
Trainer Andre advises Golola (R) on how to knockout  opponents
Trainer Andre advises Golola (R) on how to knockout opponents
Trainer Andre follows Golola's training at Colloseum gym Kenya
Trainer Andre follows Golola’s training at Colloseum gym Kenya


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